AlUla lands at the Cannes Film Festival and promotes itself as an exceptional film set

AlUla promotes itself on the stage of the Cannes Film Festival, which yesterday kicked off its 74th edition which will end on July 16. A delegation of Film AlUla, the new film agency of the Royal Commission for AlUla, has arrived in the French Riviera to promote international film and television production in AlUla, a region of extraordinary naturalistic and cultural importance on a global level located in the north-west ofArabsto Saudi.

Having launched at the Berlinale earlier this year, this is the destination’s first appearance in Cannes. Film AlUla also announced its own new facilities that will house 150 film crews and will include production offices, recreational facilities, as well as an outdoor cinema. The first phase of construction is already underway and the housing will be available by the end of 2021.

“Our goal at the Cannes Film Festival is to get in touch with the international film industry – he says Stephen Strachan, Film Commissioner at the Royal Commission for AlUla – to present AlUla as a truly unique and exciting film destination, now open to international productions ”.

AlUla begins to attract a growing number of international and regional productions: will soon be the set of the next action thriller Kandahar, directed by Ric Roman Waugh and starring Gerard Butler. Many local productions, including Noura, directed by Tawfiq Al-Zaidi, will be shot at AlUla, the latter being partially funded by the Film Commission of the Ministry of Culture. The region is also attracting a wide range of documentary projects thanks to its abundance of history, culture and countless tales yet to be revealed.

Production companies who choose to shoot in AlUla can benefit from a series of incentives such as free and tailor-made production support, location scouting, in-depth knowledge of filming in Saudi Arabia, assistance in finding professional equipment and crew. both locally and regionally and, of course, sunshine all year round.