All and all out, for sex too?


Curfew at 9 p.m. and soon 11 p.m., mild temperatures … Need to make up for lost time after a sexual year marked by the all-domestic, comrades? Looks like the signals are green to deconfin his sexuality. Why not by extricating it from the cocoon of the hearth? Welcome to the world of outdoor sex – anywhere (or almost) … but not just anyhow.

Let’s start with the motivations: to get some fresh air, of course, but also to take risks! Lovers can choose to have improvised intercourse, to bring variety to their relationship, to test a fantasy, or simply to live an intense experience. The most hedonistic will mention the caress of water, wind or stars on their skin. The more adventurous will slip the possibility of another type of caress … that of impromptu participants.

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A reminder to the law is essential from this stage: according to article 222-32 of the penal code, “The sexual exhibition imposed in the sight of others in a place accessible to the public eye is punished by one year of imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros”. Let us never forget that 28% of women have already faced an exhibitionist (IFOP, April 2018): “deconfining” his penis, it’s one thing, to impose it in the sight of someone who has nothing asked, it is clearly another!

This column will therefore stick to a very innocent version of outdoor sex … Without denying the charms of the forbidden. According to a 2013 IFOP survey, 28% of French people find the idea of ​​being surprised while having sex exciting. And about the same proportion of them want to watch! Apparently, voyeurs and exhibitionists often meet: 16% of French people have already been surprised in full hugs.

Give oneself to see

These practices are relatively common. We can talk about it publicly, we can laugh about it with our friends. This benevolence contrasts with a frozen “official” speech, straight in his boots. Making love outdoors would be an irresponsible act, which would endanger good morals (that can be discussed) and children (that cannot be discussed). These practices would also demonstrate our horrible self-complacency.

However, when contemporary thinkers (the American historian Christopher Lasch, the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Marie-France Hirigoyen, the essayist Gilles Lipovetsky) speak to us of narcissism, it is generally to announce the end of the world (I summarize: ” the West is disintegrating in a navel-gazing which will decerebrate the crowds and destroy our civilization ”).

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