Alexis Mabille: floral blooming in vibrant colors

A winter garden. This is what sums up the French couturier’s proposal for the next fall-winter 2021/2022. An Haute Couture collection entitled “Femme-Fleur” with which Alexis Mabille transformed her models into authentic voluminous flowers in intense colors, with designs where the silk casimir turns into giant roses, where the exuberant tulle skirts create authentic petals in motion.

Alexis Mabille

“The idea was to transform the woman into a flower or for the flower to become a part of the woman’s body, by integrating it into the creations,” the smiling designer explained to, during his exclusive presentation in a bright space of the Galerie Vivienne, in the 2nd arrondissement of the capital. “On this occasion, I worked a lot on the volumes, creating a sort of blooming of women, with dresses like petals and movements reminiscent of the corolla of flowers”.

Among the models responsible for opening the designer’s private garden, a first mini-dress in white silk casimir represented a bouquet of tulips; followed by a shirt of the same color which broke its minimalism thanks to its imposing transparent sleeves loaded with sequins and embroidered flowers; a silhouette completed by a sober pencil skirt in black crepe.

Alexis Mabille

In addition, roses were also present topping here a sequined jumpsuit or there a lurex tuxedo with satin details. The flowers were represented by towering balaclavas shaped like buds about to bloom. Let us mention a strapless dress worthy of the red carpet, in yellow satin, it was reminiscent of the petals of a daffodil, but also the presence of suggestive embroidery in the shape of a garden trellis.

“I worked on the concept of fulfillment and renewal which we all so badly need at the moment”, continues the designer on the desire that his artistic creations reflect, always in an elegant and subtle way, the current context. An optimistic stance firmly represented in the collection’s color palette, with looks that have traveled various shades of green to yellow, turquoise, pink, deep scarlet red or even a unique bluish purple. All of these vibrant colors are reminiscent of intense bouquets of flowers constructed with unique tones. “For a winter collection is very strong in color, as if it were a winter garden, which is the season in which the most beautiful flowers occur,” said the designer.

The architectural constructions of the French brand are also in the spotlight in a trio of voluptuous layers of tulle that come in gradations of colors. Following the idea of ​​offering clothes that are easily combinable and interchangeable within the same collection, the imposing capes easily become skirts that cover tight-fitting combinations with sequins, reminiscent of one of the crystal designs, still unpublished, that Alexis Mabille created for singer and loyal client Katy Perry.

About the dark period leading up to the presentation of this floral collection, Alexis Mabille is clear. “In a way, the real customers continued to buy because they are people who buy for the pleasure of collecting these pieces, as if they were paintings, for the sake of the sewing process. collecting hasn’t stopped, ”the fashion designer said of how their business has evolved in the absence of the usual rhythm of events and red carpets over the past year. And he positively recognizes that “customers who buy from time to time for events or weddings have slightly slowed down their consumption.” But the impact was not catastrophic, thanks to the fact that not all countries were affected at the same rate by the pandemic and the restrictions. ”For all, the creator is now providing his remedy: a flower explosion.

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