a lively roadshow to revive the beauty of Polynesia and the identity of a people

The one to Tahiti and French Polynesia is a journey of beauty: an immersion in nature and crystal clear waters and an encounter with a serene people. “Our archipelago is isolated: far from everything and with large spaces; – underlines Jean-Marc Mocellin, general manager of Tahiti Tourisme – precisely this characteristic makes it the ideal place in this period of pandemic: a meeting place and a place for outdoor life. We have been marginally touched by the virus and 70% of the inhabitants of the islands are vaccinated. We want to relaunch tourism in Tahiti on three fronts: sustainability, Slow Tourism and inclusiveness – he continues – by meeting the local population and its culture. Tahiti offers small resorts, exclusive excursions and cruises with up to 300 passengers to preserve the spirit of our land, the “mana” ».

There are many alternative routes, such as a safari aboard a 4 × 4 Jeep to discover the geology of the island and the transformations brought about by millennia. Or the possibility of sailing the sea aboard a catamaran, traveling from island to island: and the islands of the archipelago are 118, with a total area close to that of Europe. If tourism from Italy today is made up of many couples on their honeymoon, Tahiti aims at an increase in attendance by involving senior travelers – ready for longer holidays in the months from September to June – repeaters, tourists in search of adventure, members of the LGBTQUIA community and, of course, families. There are many initiatives to involve adv and to: training sessions and campaigns are scheduled, the annual appointment of Parau Parau Tahiti – the event dedicated to incoming – and the new version of Tahiti Specialist Program, the site of Tahiti Tourisme, at which, in the last 10 months, 363 agents have registered.