20 monographs for 2022. Target 75% of turnover in 2019

Elisa Boscolo

The year of the restart. So he defines it Elisa Boscolo of the Paduan tour operator of the same name, Boscolo Tours has great ambitions for this 2022 and proves it by putting already in distribution as many as 20 monographic catalogs dedicated to Italy and Europe, with an ever wider product and improved quality standards, including departures with maximum 30 people. Flexibility is the watchword today and so the volumes represent only the foundations of the Boscolo offer, with a series of itineraries in the background already composed and equipped with adequate availability, ready to be placed on the market to follow the fluctuations in demand and regulatory contexts.

“Last year we finished with guided trips, our core business, which have been able to collect about 40% of 2019 turnover – says Elisa Boscolo -. This year the goal is to reach at least 75%, if not more. It all depends of course on the progress of the pandemic but we are confident. And in the budget we have not at all considered extra-European destinations such as Morocco and Jordan, whose possible opening of the borders could give us a further boost. As well as Turkey, which has just been included in the so-called corridors and on which we already have four itineraries ready with two more in preparation ”.

Inflation and reduced capacity of the coaches obviously cannot fail to impact on costs: “But we managed to contain the average increases in a spectrum between 3% and 5% – explains the product manager, Domenico Cocozza -. In many cases we have even been able to keep prices on the same level as last year, but always with a dynamic approach to the pricing strategy. However, most of the increases concerned transport by bus, especially following the rise in fuel costs “.