10 podcasts to listen to everyday or while traveling | Travel Me Happy

Podcasts are a great way to have fun on a daily basis, as well as on your travels. There are some on a variety of topics that allow you to get away from it all and discover new things, and even learn, whether it’s a podcast on a city you’d like to visit, or a podcast on the theme of language learning.

Are you looking for podcast ideas that you can listen to everyday and while traveling? We have put together 10 travel podcasts for you to listen to without moderation.

1. The Walkers

Podcasts are a great way to help you prepare for your upcoming trips, however, if you want to work on your language skills, for example for a trip to South America, this list of applications to learn Spanish online you might also find it helpful.

In the Walkers, you walk in the middle of nature, discovering both stories but also amazing noises, like those of the jungle and the cries of animals in the Ugandan night. A gripping experience!

2. Radio Travelers

This is the podcast produced by a tour operator, Voyageurs du Monde, and hosted by journalist Valérie Expert. Through the different episodes of this radio program, you will discover regions of the world to be discovered in the company of guests, who tell you about their adventures. From Indonesia to South Africa, there is something for everyone!

3. Mop

Here is the podcast of my friend Maud whom you know under the nickname of @maudinettte, you have already seen it with me on the networks because we have traveled together several times and incidentally we are neighbors 🙂 Although this podcast is mainly dedicated to parents, it should make you want to travel with your children. You will find family stories, unique experiences around the world, in total immersion with nature. These spellbinding travel stories teach you to let go and enjoy the moment, and you will discover inspiring experiences, which will certainly make you want to take your family trip. If you follow me on the networks you must remember that I recorded an episode with Maud a few months ago 😉

4. Scout

This podcast voyage is led by Emmanuelle Coulon. The host invites expatriates from all over the world to come and tell their stories, between cultural shocks and beautiful surprises. Anything that could make you want a new life abroad, far from everything you know here.

5. Tell me about your city

This time around, the travel stories are about a particular city, whether it’s from travelers or long-time expats. In Tell me about your city, we address both the positive and the negative points, to allow you to better prepare your next city breaks.

6. Behind the scenes of the trip

Behind the scenes of the trip is a podcast created by Laura, who runs the Globe Bloggers travel blog. She tells about her travels through the most pleasant podcasts to listen to, which you can follow in the car, during moments of relaxation at home, or even while traveling. You will certainly be full of ideas for the destination of your next vacation!

In addition to telling you about her travels, you can also take advantage of Laura’s travel tips and tricks, which can be very handy. It is suitable for travelers as a couple, solo, as well as family, and will help you organize the best small and large expeditions.

7. La France Baladeuse

This time it is a podcast which focuses on France, and on the very beautiful discoveries that can be made there. It takes you through French towns and regions, to meet the locals, to make you want to travel near you. Enough to learn more about the history and culture of our regions, to fill up with inspiration for your future stays.

8. La Bougeotte

La Bougeotte is a podcast dedicated to women who love to travel. You will listen to the varied adventures of today’s travelers, and set off to discover sometimes astonishing adventures. Travel stories without taboos, which make you want to while allowing you to benefit from essential advice, to remember for your stays to come.

9. Ride

You will be able to discover two new episodes of the Bourlinguez podcast per month, on your usual listening platforms, from Soundcloud, iTunes to Deezer. Guests tell their stories of travel or their expat lives, scattered around the world, between discoveries of new cultures and memorable moments.

10. I’ll take you on a trip

In I take you on a trip, Alex Vizeo invites different guests to each episode, who talk about their travel experiences. He explores interesting topics, such as ecotourism, and remains sincere about the reality of certain destinations, which are not always dreamy.

And you, which travel podcasts do you like to listen to?