Lady Gaga falls in love with suggestive video of her body in networks

American singer Lady Gaga set the imagination of his fans to fly after sharing some videos in which his best angles were completely exposed.

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The famous one again took millions of compliments after publishing two short videos through her official Instagram account in which she wore a sensual outfit while she was lying on her stomach and on the grass.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, As the born artist was called, she posed in front of the camera lens wearing a tight beige underwear, in addition to wearing her hair down and recording only the lips of her face.

Although her face could not be fully seen exactly, in the little that was detailed, the actress was also seen without makeup, but it was part of her legs and buttocks that took all the eyes.

Although he did not accompany his publication with any kind of message, he did leave several different colored hearts in the text box of the post.

What generated that his more than 47 million followers They will leave countless comments indicating how sensual and attractive she looked in the images.

And it is important to mention that, although the famous one has not usually used her networks to publish content of this type, lately she has generated a stir for her last two photos and videos of her profile.

“You are the most beautiful”, “what beauty”, “your body is a complete sculpture”, “without makeup you look splendid”, “there is no woman like you”, “beauty”, “you look like a complete goddess”, ” without comment, I melted, “wrote some of his fans.

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