La Redoute accused of firing five employees who contested the drop in a bonus, according to the CGT



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9 sept. 2021

The CGT de la Redoute accuses the management of having dismissed five employees who contested the reduction in a bonus and won the industrial tribunal, according to a union press release.

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“In the space of two months, the management of La Redoute dismissed the five employees of the stores who had ‘allowed themselves’ to contest the reduction in their remuneration decided unilaterally by the employer”, the CGT was indignant in a press release issued on Monday. “This drop was obviously illegal, as the Roubaix industrial tribunal has just confirmed,” the statement continued.

Asked by AFP, the management did not wish to make any comments.

In one of the ordinances of the Roubaix industrial tribunal, issued at the end of August and that AFP was able to consult on Wednesday, the training, seized in summary proceedings, notes “that for the five employees, there has a consequent drop in purchasing power due to the drop from 8% to 3% of their variable portion ”and condemns La Redoute to pay the amount due for the year 2021.“ In 2022, the loss of five points will be offset by a profit-sharing bonus of 7% ”, notes the Labor Court.

According to CGT delegate Smaïl Bella, this is a “mixed decision, which condemns the Redoubt to the year 2021 but does not project into 2022”.

This reduction in remuneration concerned “about fifty employees, those of the retail” and was taken without amendment to the employment contracts, he assures. According to him, during the announcement of the change concerning this variable part, which must be compensated from 2022 by the payment of a profit-sharing bonus, the management stressed that the employees who would oppose it would start to themselves “on the fringes of society”.

Mr. Bella assures that employees will challenge these layoffs. In May, Mr. Bella, order picker, had obtained a legal victory. Laid off for having eaten a clementine near his workstation, he challenged this sanction before the industrial tribunal, which had validated it. But the Douai Court of Appeal then annulled the sanction, judging it “disproportionate in view of the facts which it (were) accused of”

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