Keanu Reeves was banned for 14 years by this company

Keanu Reeves He is one of the actors most loved by the public, due to his simplicity as a person, in addition to the fact that he has played roles that have earned him worldwide recognition, but who would give life to “Neo“, on Matrix, confessed that he was banned for 14 years to work in a production house.

Despite the fact that in the 1990s he enjoyed fame and starred in many films that catapulted him to stardom, one of these films also led him to be on the company’s blacklist. 20th Century Fox, which is now called 20th Century Studios, Inc., after it was bought by Walt Disney Studios.

The above was a consequence of not wanting to star in the second part of Maximum speed (Speed), because Reeves I was in a sunset Hamlet in a room in Winnipeg, Canada, so his schedule would not allow it, although at that time he did not know what the consequences of his decisions would be.

Maximum speed cost $ 30 million and raised more than $ 350 million, so it was a success for the 20th Century Fox and they sought to repeat the formula with the same protagonists, but before the refusal of Keanu Reeves, the studio replaced him with Jason Patric, who at the time was very popular for his role in Children of the Street (Sleepers). Unfortunately, the chemistry between Patric Y Sandra Bullock it didn’t work and Speed 2: Cruise Control It ended up being a resounding failure, since it only obtained 164 million dollars, when its production cost was 160 million dollars.

The second part of Speed ​​starred Sandra Bullock and Jason Patric, but it resulted in a flop at the box office. Photo: Special

And it seemed that the 20th Century Fox culp a Keanu Reeves for this disaster, because he had the actor banned for 14 years, until he was called to star in the remake of “The day the Earth stopped” (The Day the Earth Stood Still) in 2008.

However, Reeves He stated that he does not regret his decision, because he has always done what he wanted and has participated in the films that he considers suitable for him, but beyond that “money means nothing to me. I could live the next centuries with what I’ve already won. My idea of ​​happiness is related to sleeping with the person I love, sharing dinner with friends, or riding a motorcycle. It has nothing to do with a multi-digit bank balance. “

Even his career had a second wind after having starred John Wick, whose fourth installment is scheduled to hit theaters on May 27, 2022.