Kate Winslet confesses she was in love with Guy Pearce, her co-star in ‘Mare of Easttown’

Kate Winslet is a force of nature and has proven it again in ‘Mare of Easttown’, the HBO crime series that he stars in and that has had a great reception.

‘Mare of Easttown’ is a thriller that tells the story of Mare Sheehan (Kate), a detective from a small town in Pennsylvania where she is quite an institution, since she was a student. However, this apparent success transits in the midst of an environment of past fears and dramas that, unfortunately for Mare, have not yet been forgotten. This will decentralize the investigations that you carry out, seeing how your life falls apart at times.

His season full of twists and turns and with a great atmosphere has given a lot to talk about and also Winslet’s interpretation as the brave and tormented protagonist, a role for which they are already beginning to ask for her Emmy nomination.

Now Kate has spoken about her experience in the series and with a specific actor, Guy Pearce, who plays the writer Richard Ryan with whom his character has a relationship principle. According to the actress, Guy it was her ‘crush’ when she was little ever since she saw him on a series called ‘Neighbors’. And he knows it too!

Kate Winslet y Guy Pearce en ‘Mare of Easttown’ | HBO

In fact it was Winslet who recruited him to join ‘Mare of Easttown’, but it is not the first time they have worked together, since they agreed on the miniseries’Mildred Pierce‘ ten years ago.

It was then that Kate decided to confess to Pearce and tells it like this in AND:: “I had to say, ‘look, I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven years old. And, in addition, we share our birthday, something that I have also known since I was eleven years old, ‘”he reveals with a laugh.

The truth is that their connection in the series works perfectly.

Will there be season 2 of ‘Mare of Easttown’?

After success of its first season, fans of the series have not been slow to wonder if they will see Mare and company again with a new case.

The creator, Brad Ingelsby, responded like this in Esquire: “We don’t even talk about going back … it’s basically ua closed story“, he assures ..

“I think now it’s been seen, the story ends. I think all the loose ends are tied up. At least I hope so. But I think if we ever cans come up with another story that was emotional and surprising, then maybe there was a conversation there. “

“I don’t have it in my head right now, but look, I love Mare. If we can ever give her a great season, of course we will. I would consider it. I would only do it if I was convinced it could be great, “he reveals.

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