Kate Winslet confesses how she really felt with the dress she wore the year of ‘Titanic’ at the Oscars | Fashion and Beauty

A few days ago we saw again in prime time Titanic, one of the iconic films in the history of cinema that broke records at the Oscars with Kate Winslet Y Leonardo Dicaprio as protagonists of one of the love stories that has generated the most sighs.

Now, more than two decades later, the actress has remembered that glorious day in her career in which, at just 22 years old, I was once again eligible for the golden statuette. He did not take it despite the fact that the film finished with 11 of the 14 awards he was opting for. But even so, he had an unforgettable night.

She impressed with her spectacular green gown with gold trim by Givenchy custom designed by Alexander McQueen. It was completed with a bolero-style jacket to match the shoes. A design that made many headlines in 1998.

An uncomfortable dress

Now you have recalled what remains your favorite design to date in an interview with People. “I felt like an embroidered sculpture. To be honest, the dress was not entirely comfortable to wear. Not even to sit. But it was worth it, because he had done it ”, he acknowledged about what was one of McQueen’s first great designs for Givenchy, a firm that he had joined just a few months before this red carpet and next to which remained until 2000.

Kate Winslet dazzled at the 1998 Oscars in her Givenchy dress. / Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Images

It’s discomfort is not usually a constant for her. “I always hope I can stay calm and feel comfortable, the truth, and that my feet do not hurt or that I do not have a period ”, he assured about his premises for this type of event. Although he acknowledges that that 70th edition of the Oscars decided to make an exception.

No less was expected considering that he was defending a film that ended up taking the Oscar for best costume thanks to the work of Deborah Lynn Scott. The dresses that Winslet wore on the luxurious ship have passed into the collective memory and are difficult to forget.