Julia Roberts wears a haircut similar to that of Pretty Woman

We imagine that in a modern and updated version of ‘Pretty Woman’ by 2021, Julia Roberts he would wear a haircut very similar to what he has sported in recent months. If that were the case, the mane of Vivian Ward, the character he played more than twenty years ago alongside Richard Gere, would wear more open waves, but it would maintain certain similarities.

Without a doubt, one of Julia Roberts’ most iconic films is this blockbuster that was released in March 1990. The long mane Vivian’s redhead is one of those that are difficult to forget, such as the one that the character Rose boasted in Titanic, played by Kate Winslet.

Julia Roberts wears a haircut that rejuvenates instantly.

© Frederick M. Brown

While the American actress He has based his style on a bright blonde, the haircut that he currently boasts with his more than 9 million followers on Instagram is not too far from the one he wore in the tape of romantic comedy that marked a generation. The basics are still there, although the shape of her hair has taken different adjustments.

What is Julia Roberts’ haircut like?

Similar to the style that we saw Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’ with that dress that today is recreated by Hunza G, the actress Now she has a mane that continues to inspire us at 52 years old. It’s about a haircut Casual in a medium length that falls over the shoulders and is worn with long, subtle layers. It has an ideal length that is located in the middle and that is therefore modern and current, in addition to giving you the possibility of being able to pick it up easily.

It is shag effect cut It is also very flattering for the features and makes you look younger, in addition to focusing staggered helps the gray to be disguised. Julia Roberts Take advantage of it by opting for a feather-effect styling that is also very flattering and helps give your hair more movement and volume. This becomes more relevant with the hairstyle, which is usually styled with wide waves that are more marked from medium to ends.

To add luminosity to your face, the performer of ‘Eat Pray Love’ bet on some mechas sweep that feel like a breath of fresh air, especially in the summer, just as if you returned from a vacation by the sea. He does it with a Golden blond Dark base and highlights in copper tones, which allow adding different nuances to the style and making it look very natural.