the High Authority of Health recommends the recall from 18 years

The HAS assures that the validity of this strategy is also illustrated by “the data resulting from studies in real life carried out in Israel”.

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The return of the bite. The High Authority for Health (HAS) recommended, Thursday, November 25, that the recall of the vaccine against the Covid-19 be made from the age of 18, as early as 5 months after the complete vaccination, in an opinion issued just before new government announcements. The HAS ensures that the validity of this strategy is also illustrated by “data from real-life studies conducted in Israel”.

In an opinion delivered only six days earlier, the HAS recommended that the booster dose be offered from the age of 40, 6 months after the last injection. But she decided to lower these deadlines because the “resumption of the epidemic” is “even stronger than expected”, she explains in her new opinion.

Elle “considers that the worrying epidemic context justifies an acceleration of the vaccination campaign by shortening the time between primary vaccination and booster dose”, justifies the HAS, whose role is to inspire government policy on these issues.

The HAS is based in particular on projections from the Institut Pasteur, which assess the reduction in the peak of hospitalizations if the booster dose is administered from the age of 18. According to the HAS, this reduction is 39% if the booster is done 6 months after the last injection, and increases to 50% if the booster is done at 5 months.

Beyond the reminder, “it is essential to continue efforts to vaccinate people who have not yet been vaccinated”, underlines the HAS. Finally, she insists on “strengthening of adherence to barrier gestures at a high level”, in order to “preserve the care system and avoid restrictive measures”.