Marion Cotillard: his (new) rant about politics

Back at the Cannes Film Festival for the film “Annette” by Léos Carax, Marion Cotillard once again expressed her disillusion with politics in an interview given to the website of the newspaper Le Parisien.

Marion Cotillard’s commitment to environmental protection is no longer a secret. In full promotion of the film Annette, where she shares the poster with Adam Driver, the actress did not hesitate to reiterate her criticisms of political figures who, according to her, only too rarely manage to keep their promises. Thus undermining his self-confidence.

“My faith in politics has been really damaged. It is making promises to have a beautiful image and behind not keeping them at all. I find it unbearable, ”she explains to Le Parisien. Marion Cotillard tempers her remarks, however, by specifying that she admires the work of local elected officials. “But I have great admiration for a lot of mayors. I have a lot more admiration for local politics, ”she continues.

Recurring criticisms

This is not the first time that Marion Cotillard has taken a position on politics. In July 2020, she urged Emmanuel Macron to respect his commitment to the proposals of the citizens’ convention for the climate.

“Let him keep his commitment. It has been a long time since it has been understood that the promises are only there for the duration of an election campaign. The lies of politicians have become intolerable. Certainly, Emmanuel Macron made this convention possible. Let’s wait and see what he does with it. Today, I especially want to have confidence in the French people, so that they take up subjects and that we discuss them all together. What is happening is historic. We are at the start of the path. Everything remains to be done, ”she declared in Paris Match.