Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck go official on Instagram

After months of public outings, home searches, and family reunions, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally go Instagram officials, with one caveat. But they were not the ones who made the publication.

The couple was seen in a photo on the latest Instagram post of Leah Remini. The actress shared a video of her birthday celebrations in June, including a black and white photo of JLo and Ben. Bennifer makes an appearance at the 0:33 second mark of the video, with him placing an arm around Jen and Leah’s shoulders.

©Leah Remini
Ben and Jennifer in Leah Remini’s birthday video

Jennifer and Leah have been friends for some time. In fact, they are so close that Jennifer’s private life is one of the things Leah is asked the most about. In an appearance on the show Today, he was questioned about the questions he hates being asked. She said: “Questions about Jennifer Lopez. Not because I don’t like talking about my friend, but I often feel like it’s for gossip, especially if I’m talking about something that is important (…) and if someone asks me about Jennifer’s wedding. I find it absolutely annoying. “

Jennifer and Ben have become one of the most important celebrity couples in Hollywood. They were engaged from 2002 to 2004 and resumed their romance earlier this year, after Jennifer broke off her engagement to Alex Rodriguez and Ben ended her relationship with Anna of Arms. Since then, the couple have spent a lot of time together, hanging out with their kids, or on romantic dates and spending the 4th of July together at The Hamptons.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on a ride at Universal Studios Hollywood©GrosbyGroup
Jennifer, Ben and their children on a stroll through Universal Studios

“They are spending all their free time together and they are becoming a priority. JLo falls hard in love and has certainly done the same with Ben again, “a source told ET. “Ben is a chivalrous man and does his thing, which JLo loves. He has his own life and he’s famous in a different way than hers and he’s not trying to compete in any way. They just support and love each other ”.

While Ben and Jennifer have yet to speak publicly about each other or post about their romance on social media, Leah’s post means they are both in a comfortable place in their relationship. In an interview with Apple MusicLopez said he was having “the best time of my life.”

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