Covid-19. Germany with historical maximum incidence rate

The 351 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours brought the total number of fatalities for Covid-19 to 100 119.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (IRK), the public health agency, the incidence rate has reached a new high that corresponds to 53,065 new infections reported each day..

Another sign of the seriousness of the situation is related to requests for help from the health sector. Hospitals are already facing a “sharp overload” and they are transferring patients with Covid-19 to other European Union countries, declared Gernot Marx, head of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, cited by the AFP.
Vaccine Resistant
This peak of broadcasts in Germany follows the European trend: the highly contagious Delta variant, the colder climate that draws people indoors, and the relaxation of restrictions contribute to the mass resurgence of infections.

The German health crisis too is attributed to the unvaccinated rate – in contrast to other Western European countries, such as France, where 75 percent have full vaccinations, or Portugal, which exceeds 86 percent of the population.

New Executive: “The situation is serious

In a moment of transition, new Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed strong support for mandatory vaccination for health professionals and said his government “will do whatever is necessary to make the country safe during this time.”

“We must vaccinate and give the booster dose to prevent the virus from spreading,” Scholz said. “Vaccination is the way out of this pandemic,” he added.

According to Reuters, Scholz does not rule out making vaccination mandatory, a measure already implemented by Austria

“The situation is serious,” Scholz’s Social Democrats said after announcing a coalition agreement with the Greens and Liberals of the FDP.

Scholz announced that the new government will invest a billion euros in extraordinary subsidies for health professionals who remain at the forefront of the pandemic.

Chancellor Merkel, already passing the government portfolio, called the leaders of the new center-left alliance for negotiations on the pandemic.

Police control of vaccinated/non-vaccinated people to access leisure spaces | Thilo Schmuelgen – Reuters

Germany last week announced tougher restrictions.

To ride public transport or enter the workplace, people must provide proof of full vaccination, recovery from illness, or a negative Covid-19 test.

Those who are not vaccinated are prevented from attending bars, gyms and other leisure facilities.

The traditional Christmas markets, synonymous with gatherings, were canceled in the most affected regions. It was also recommended that all adults receive a booster vaccine to counteract the reduced effectiveness after six months.

The RKI has recorded 5,573,756 SARS-Cov-2 infections since the start of the pandemic. Health authorities believe the actual number is much higher, as many cases go undetected.