Inspired by 14th century poetry, The Green Knight is the latest Arthurian legend on the silver screen.

The Arthurian legend is not new to the big screen, but it is the last of that series, The green knight Dev Patel’s performance has already received criticism.

But some believe it was inspired by epic poetry of the 14th century. Sir Gavin and the Green Knight – It becomes a real shooting star.

In the latest A24 film, Patel plays King Arthur’s son-in-law, who embarks on a glorious journey that challenges the Green Knight, with a strange, elevated gaze and an immortal appearance. The film was a hit in Canadian theaters on Friday.

The appeal of Arthurian mythology

Behind the scenes is directed by filmmaker David Lowry. Their bodies are not holy Y A ghost storyThe film is the latest in a series of Arthurian legends that are exciting to pitch to moviegoers and medievalists alike.

Dev Patel stars in David Lowry’s The Green Knight. One critic called the film “visual poetry.” (Eric Sakhanovic)

“It’s the story of an ambitious teenager who, perhaps, initially bites off more than he chews,” said writer Robin Sloan. Every year, he performs Live Virtual Reading From Sir Gavin and the Green KnightTranslated into modern English by the poet Simon Armitage.

“I hope you hear some specific jump rhythms spoken by Dev Patel or the narrator or someone else because they are, to me, the most special part of the poem,” Sloan said. Even the author of the novel Mr. 24 hour bookstore in Penumbra.

Lowry said the film was scheduled to be released last May. In a recent interview With balloon and mail. When the epidemic confused those plans, the director said it gave him the opportunity to “rethink it with fresh eyes.”

If initial reviews are any indication, the extra moments in the editing room will be worth it.

Justin Song of the Los Angeles Times Call it “A delightful achievement of revisionist mythology, an old story is asked to be seen with new appreciative eyes.” The New York Times AO Scott Said “A Twilight Movie” by Alison Wilmore Eagle Wrote It is a “frenzied and restless fantasy.”

“It’s just visual poetry,” said Jeffrey Zhang, editor-in-chief and editor of the pop culture website Strange Harbors. “I think this movie is really like that.”

Available in the public domain and with great appeal, Arthurian legends are easily adapted, Zhang said.

Poetry has not been known for centuries.

Sir Gavin and the Green Knight An epic with a relevant story. Written by an unknown writer in the late 14th century and later known as the “Pearl Poet”, this text was almost unknown until the arrival of the 19th century British researcher.

Only one copy of the original manuscript was found.

“It’s not like he won in 1427,” Sloan said. “Instead, it is basically unread, unknown in the library, it is passed from one collection to another.”

It was nearly destroyed in a fire in London in the 1700s, which required other manuscripts, he said.

“We will never know what was in them or what stories were lost in that fire. But just by luck Sir Gavin on the Green Knight Saved, ”he said.

Alexandra Gillespie is a former professor of English at the University of Toronto. Sir Gavin and the Green Knight, The “complex” poem, “gem-like”, along with other texts by the pearl poet, makes extensive use of historical Middle English.

Alexandra Gillespie taught the fourth annual Cape Stone Symposium on Sir Gavin and the Green Knight at the University of Toronto-Mississauga. (Jackson Weaver / CBC News)

“They are identical poems,” he said. “So the first letter of many words on the same line is the same, although they also have rhymes and other types of metric forms, which are really more complex.”

The text’s continuous green metaphor is a symbol of sexuality, fertility, nature and abundance, Gillespie said.

“Green is the death that occupies you, the decadence that always surrounds the corner,” he said.

Sloan said that much of the charm of the poem lies in the use of language, which is surprisingly linked to a narrative.

“I mean, it’s an Arthurian quest, but it’s not like the others,” he said. “I really believe this, it’s not like the others. It is really a special work of history ”.

Ripe for pop culture adaptations

On the big screen and beyond Sir Gavin and the Green Knight Proven to be particularly effective source material, the hero of which appeared in the media gamut.

There’s the 1973 movie Gavin y Green KnightAnd his 1984 remake, Mighty sword; The 2002 BAFTA-winning animated short shares the poem’s title. There is also a 2008 documentary exploring the hero’s journey and the 2011 TV series. Camelot Quinn has Stanton as Guinea.

1991 opera Gavin One of the multi-level adaptations. And there are even Green knight-Inspired video game, Chronicle of the sword.

For Sloan, the poem’s annual readings draw audiences around the world, and the film is an opportunity for people to appreciate the century-old text.

If people watch a movie like this and know its ingredients, I hope it connects them to a time scale a little more complete than the time that we often zoom in and lock in, “he said.

However, many of the Arthurian legends have not been well received at the box office.

Most recently, 2017 King Arthur: Legend of the Sword He lost $ 153.2 million to Warner Brothers. King ArthurLaunched in 2004, it raised just $ 203.6 million against its budget of $ 120 million in the United States. And the 1995 Sean Connery movie The First night Misrepresented by the audience and critics.

So Lori risks modifying The green knightHis Arthurian looks will resonate with audiences excited by sword and witch tales. Rings head, Or even superheroes like Knight in such owners AvengersGillespie said.