in 2 months Alitalia will close and adv and to are in the dark about everything

Ivana Jelinic president of Fiavet National

There are two months to go out of business Alitalia and at the beginning of those of ITA. Travel agencies and tour operators are not given any information, although Fiavet-Confcommercio has made every effort to understand the timing of passenger rerouting and refunds through official requests.

According to sources witnessed by the media they would be at least 255,000 users waiting to know their whereabouts later on October 14, date of cessation of Alitalia activity.

The rerouting it seems impossible because the European Community has been very clear about it: nothing that has to do with Alitalia will concern ITA, they are in fact two distinct and unrelated companies.

For i refunds the Draghi government seems to have allocated 100 million. Will they be enough? We are not given to know. Just imagine all school tourism or business event tourism slipped with the pandemic in 2020-21 and offset by package vouchers that include Alitalia transport.

“At the travel agency we are wondering what happens to those who have already purchased a ticket by planning a vacation or a trip after October 14 – says the president of Fiavet-Confcommercio, Ivana Jelinic – no operator has received official communications from Alitalia, from ITA but, what is even more serious, not even from Iata, the official body of reference for air transport “.

It is just a there it is in fact that Fiavet-Confcommercio has already turned to a request for clarification that has not received any response.

“We believe that, especially in a time of profound crisis like this one, enormous attention should be paid to all the critical steps that can put an already exhausted sector in even more difficulty” affirms Ivana Jelinic, the president of Fiavet-Confcommercio.

In this situation, it remains for Fiavet-Confcommercio to reiterate, also through the media, its request for clarification, also to represent it to consumers who are, like businesses, waiting for answers.