Star Wars presents its official pendants with a kyber crystal (but don’t try to build your lightsaber)

RockLove Jewelry launches this month a line of jewelry inspired by the kyber with which to create lightsabers, the first are based on Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

The lightsabers from Star Wars could not be manufactured without kyber crystals, also called “life crystals”. The first time we heard about the origin of the kyber was in the series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, available in Disney Plus.

As part of their training, jedi they had to go to the frozen planet of Ilum to extract the crystals and thus make his own lightsaber. Originally, the crystals lack color, until they are in tune with the Force of the person who wears them.

Luckily, all the people on planet Earth who want to wear a kyber crystal without being Jedi and without having to search the galaxy for it, can do so thanks to RockLove Jewelry.

Allison Cimino is the designer of a new line of jewelery by Star Wars that has the kyber crystals as inspiration.

If you’ve seen The Mandalorian, this Mandalorian lightsaber sounds familiar to you and you know the power it brings to its owner. In this case, it is an official Hasbro licensed Star Wars replica.

The first two models, which will be followed by six others, are inspired by the lightsabers from Darth Vader Y Luke Skywalker and will go on sale on July 13.

We leave you with a gallery that collects the models of the available kyber crystals, their designs and the silhouettes of those to come:

I’ve always been fascinated by making lightsabers ”, assures Cimino, “Metal and crystals, my passion!”It also explains the long manufacturing process, which took twice as long as usual for the manufacture of other jewelery of the brand.

“Sizes and materials were carefully chosen to accommodate various personal styles and body shapes, as well as being durable and adjustable”. For its part, a detail that people who buy it for collectibles will like its box, which will be personalized with the representative characters of each crystal and which will have a magnetic lid to turn it into a display case.