Psychonauts 2 is the game of the year at the 2021 Titanium Awards

Psychonauts 2, game of the year at the Titanium 2021 awards. The gala has also left other winners, which we leave you compiled here.

After The Game Awards 2021, the premios Titanium 2021. On this occasion, Psychonauts 2 is the game of the year for the gala, which was celebrated leaving many more awards to other games.

The Bilbao video game festival celebrated its second day of talks with several key names in the industry. What Lianne Papp, executive producer of Back 4 Blood, or Tim Schafer, director of Psychonauts 2.

But also several of those responsible for the most acclaimed national productions in recent years. Mauricio Garcia from The Game Kitchen, Marina González from Deconstructeam o Arturo Purse of TLR Games, among others.

In this 11th edition, the festival returns in person to the Barakaldo BEC being able to see all the presentations for free in streaming through the web. This year, as a novelty, it could also be seen through Steam.

The festival has bet heavily on this edition for its conference and workshop program. And on its second day, a once again packed auditorium has heard some valuable advice on how to start in the world of videogames by key figures in the sector

Tim Schafer, veteran and co-creator of titles such as Monkey Island, Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle, commented in his inspiring talk: “running an independent game studio has lots of fun stuff and lots of freedom

but also a lot of night terrors and existential dread every day wondering if you’re going to close next month“He confessed that the favorite part of his job was”invent new worlds. It’s really what we’ve been doing; create new worlds“.

Lianne Papp, executive producer of Back 4 Blood, commented, on the process of creating and polishing a game “The entire development team plays daily, and we continually ask ourselves ‘are we having a good time?’

It is our way of knowing that we are taking development in the right direction, it is the main objective of our game. We all participate, if not daily, at least a couple of times a week: […] it’s a wonderful way to test individual work

Saturday’s day ended with the delivery of the Titanium awards to the best games of the year. Tim Schafer’s new production, Psychonauts 2, was the winner of the category the Game of the Year, in addition to Best Narrative Design.

Another of the most mentioned titles of 2021, It Takes Two by Hazelight Studios, won the Best Game Design. The award to Best Art Direction has been for Deathloop, the last title of the French Arkane Lyon.

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In the sound section, Metroid Dread by the Spanish MercurySteam, has been the winning title of Best Sound Direction. In Best Adaptation, dedicated to transmedia products, it has been for Arcane, the riot animation series based on the universe of League of Legends.

The indies game categories have awarded Chicory: A Colorful Tale as the Most Innovative Indie Game and Mirlo: Above the Sun as Best Basque Game.

In the words of the festival director, Alfonso Gomez: “We closed the eleventh edition of the Fun & Serious Game Festival with a very good taste in our mouths. Returning to the presence has given us the impetus we needed to prepare for the 2022 edition with more energy and enthusiasm if possible.

I want to congratulate the winners and nominees for the high level and quality of their productions, I know that although it sounds like a cliché, it has cost the jury a lot to decide the absolute winners by category“. We leave you with all the winners in this more ordered list.

List of Titanium Awards 2021

  • GOTY 2021: Psychonauts 2
  • Best Game Design: It Takes Two
  • Best Narrative Design: Psychonauts 2
  • Best Art Direction: Deathloop
  • Best Sound Direction: Metroid Dread
  • Best Adaptation: Arcane
  • FS Play to the most innovative Indie Game: Chicory: A Colorful Tale
  • FS Play for the Best Basque Video Games: Mirlo: Above the Sun

Did you like these awards? It is a joy that for the eleventh edition of the Fun & Serious Game Festival have returned to the face-to-face after a very critical year 2020 due to the coronavirus.