Now Hubla, Chatpay Raises $60M in Grade A in New Passion Economy

A passion economy (or Passion Economy) assumes that it is entirely possible to live on passions as a source of income. In the pandemic, this theory gained even more traction. With the advent of online broadcasts, it became simpler to earn money with singing, drawing, yoga and other hobbies classes. And there are those who believe and profit from the idea. It is the example of ChatPay, now Hubla, a Brazilian fintech whose solution facilitates the monetization of content creators through groups in messaging apps.

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In the market for less than two years, Hubla has already conquered a wave of investors. Last year, the startup raised $2.1 million in seed capital with funds from Kaszek Ventures, Kevin Efrusy, Y-Combinator and Big Bets. Now, the same investors have decided to raise the bet, and have concluded a investment of 60 million reais in a series A round announced to the market this Thursday, 25. In addition to former investors, the fund FJ Labs also entered the round.