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Tea Leoni en 'Madame Secretary'.

The protagonist of Madam Secretary is Elizabeth Faulkner McCord (Téa Leoni) but everything seems to indicate that it is actually the alter ego of Hillary Clinton, the one who did occupy the Secretary of State of the United States Government, a fact that is not innocent when the real one is ending her electoral campaign against the madman Donald Trump.

The series, which is currently broadcasting its third season Movistar, shows us an absolutely effective Secretary of State, a kind of Tarantinian Mrs. Lobo who also manages to resolve a terrible crisis with the Russians, who contributes to the presidential replacement in Algeria or resolves the signing of an anti-nuclear treaty in Iran. It is used for a torn and an unstitched. It can be said that he saves the world, with the help of a small group of collaborators, in each chapter.

Naturally, Secretary McCord’s portrait is not 100 percent equivalent to that of Hillary Clinton, and perhaps the main difference is that of their respective marital relationships. At this point it will be necessary to affirm that reality and fiction were never further apart. The relationship between Hillary and Bill Clinton is known down to its most intimate details. That of Elizabeth and the professor of History of Religions Henry McCord (Tim Daly) leaves the couple Doris Day and Rock Hudson at the level of Bukowski characters, such is the constant and cloying kissing of spouses with more than 20 years of marriage and three children behind her back. Love is one thing and syrup overdose is another.

In any case Madam Secretary is an entertaining series, well done, with a powerful production and a functional cast. The average of 12 million viewers in the first two seasons in the United States justify this third that is now shown in Spain but has nothing to do with the extraordinary The West Wing of the White House , nor with the satirical Veep, no matter how much they share locations.