her bridal look now inspires brides and guests

A few years ago the renowned fashion stylist Edward Enninful said that he collects The inspiration from everywhere. A vision shared by designers and creatives, who explain that to get inspired you just have to look, open your eyes to the world to design garments with history, especially wedding dresses with the personal stamp of each signature. The ingenuity to shape these garments also comes from iconic looks, outfits of celebrities e influencers that have marked the history of bridal fashion for their originality and good taste. This is the case with the design of Pierpaolo Piccoli, Valentino’s creative director, which Marta Ortega wore at her wedding in 2018, which still continues to make people talk today and synthesizes some of the most sought-after trends of the season.

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A bridal look to remember

It was on November 16, 2018 when Marta said ‘yes, I want’ to Carlos Torretta in a link that went down in history for its spectacularity: A weekend of celebration, 400 guests and artists of the stature of Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay. For such a relevant party, the Galician woman dispensed with a dress with traditional lines and took a risk with a two piece set, composed of a blouse with transparent sleeves and central pleat and a simple skirt in a light pink, almost white tone. To complete the look, the Italian designer resorted to a romantic tulle veil, with a floor length, and natural floral details scattered throughout the hair. Her short wavy hair and satin shoes did the rest.

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Inspirational looks

The shadow of his style is so long that it has remained a benchmark over time and numerous firms have collected his style to adapt it to the needs of 2021. As a consequence of the proliferation of intimate weddings, an aesthetic has been imposed in which prevail simplicity, naturalness and comfort, with pieces that can have a second life after the big day. This has happened with garments that emulate those that make up Marta Ortega’s bridal style. The shirt that the Galician wears shares similarities with other models that are currently successful and such prestigious names as Teresa Helbig They have collected that essence in renewed proposals with their own essence, as shown by one of their designs from the 2021 collection.

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Likewise, the pleats, turtleneck and light sleeves of her blouse match details on this romantic cotton and lace shirt from May, with a price of 195 euros. Straight cut, also with long lantern sleeves and lace on the torso, it will delight the most sophisticated brides, due to its delicacy and theatricality. A safe bet to emulate Marta Ortega and reuse the piece on a daily basis.

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In the same line is the set located on these lines, a creation of Laura Escribano that updates the concept of a natural bridal look with two pieces, capable of convincing the lovers of the dress in its most modern version and the followers of the trend of the jacket suit bridal. In this case, the Madrid firm has baptized its blouse as Lillian, in honor of actress Lillian Gish and her enigmatic story. “An artist with a great personality who achieved her fame in silent films during the 1920s and 1930s. Despite being considered as ‘the first lady of silent films’ and the first star of Hollywood, the talkies relegated her forgotten. However, Lillian prevailed with a long career of almost 75 years of artistic career “, sums up Laura Escribano herself on her website.

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The most absolute simplicity, which characterizes the proposal that Marta Ortega wore, also reaches other affordable, elegant garments with the ability to become everyday. It is the case of this skirt of the international firm Ivy Oak, discreet and timeless, with a train, ankle length and elegant darts. Light and comfortable, it is versatile and is perfect for intimate links and relaxed weddings, in settings such as the countryside or the beach. With a price of € 329, the trendy look is assured.

An option also for guests

Of the famous outfit for the big day, the blouse is her most characteristic garment. With a very personal style, she has also conquered fashion for guests. The firms in this market have followed in the footsteps of Amancio Ortega’s daughter and have used her design to explore the entire color palette in pleated shirts and wide sleeves. Alba Count, a Galician house of international impact, has on its website a similar blouse (with a price reduced to 57 euros, from the initial 143), made with crepe from China, in a Prussian blue tone perfect for day wear at night.

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Before large and small companies set their sights on the bridal styling of Amancio Ortega’s daughter in 2021, other firms already did it a few months after their big day. This phenomenon was baptized as’the Marta Ortega effect ‘ and it was a movement (which is still maintained today) by which many future brides approached the workshops and collection fashion houses to request a style similar to the one that Marta had worn in her link. The designers María Baraza and Cristina Piña then confessed that some fiancées had come to their workshop with the photograph of Marta in hand and the hope of having such a creation at your wedding.

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But it was a proposal by Marta Martí that was the most successful among those seeking a similar result. The designer presented in 2017 her Med collection with fifteen romantic and current designs and among them the model stood out Gabriela, thought for who were getting married in 2018, with a body full of details and a skirt with a simple train. From those first dresses inspired by the creation of Pierpaolo Piccioli to those of today, little has changed, because there are references, such as Marta Ortega, that brides will never be able to forget.