Health pass: what are the first consequences for retailers?

On the France2 plateau, on August 23, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire welcomed a good recovery in consumption for the first two weeks of August (+ 15% all sectors combined), and affirmed that the pass was well established in the habits of the French. But a palpable difference in activity is nevertheless felt between the points of sale whether or not subject to the presentation of a health pass, particularly in the specialized trade and clothing sector.


Remember that, since August 16, around 150 shopping centers in France have gradually introduced, on request from the prefect, the control of the health pass at the entrance, for visitors. This concerns surfaces of more than 20,000 square meters in the departments where the incidence rate exceeds 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, in particular in Île de France and in the southern half of the country.

“It is not yet easy to draw global consequences”, warns Emmanuel Le Roch, the general delegate of Procos, in particular because “the centers of the Paris region are not yet in a normal activity of re-entry”, but the first figures observed by the federation for the promotion of specialized trade (decoration, sport, fashion, beauty, etc.) reveal significant impacts on activity and attendance. Thus, to date, the stores located in the poles which have implemented the health pass have recorded a drop in traffic of between -15% and -25%, and a decline in turnover of between -15 and -20% per year. compared to other centers not subject to the precious sesame.

In the clothing sector (brands and department stores), the Alliance du Commerce notes an average turnover differential of around 18 points between points of sale subject or not to the health pass, during the week of August 16 (Retail Int. panel for Alliance du Commerce). The drop in traffic observed by these fashion players is more or less the same, in the order of -17%.

In addition, there are disparities among the poles where these checks take place: “very urban centers, targeting a CSP + clientele, feel a little less the negative effect of the pass, unlike centers located in more popular areas. “, notes Yohann Petiot, director general of the professional organization, adding that this device lets” hover a sword of Damocles “on the high point of the start of the school year.

Other trade poles are also added to the list. 14 centers in the Yvelines have indeed instituted pass control on August 23 (including Parly2, Vélizy2 and Mon Grand Plaisir). On the other hand, the department of North had to comply with it from August 24 but the prefect finally suspended his decision, in view of the local health situation, taking the form of a “descending plateau”.

Another obligation will soon come into force, concerning human resources. The health pass will also be required from August 30 to employees who work in shopping centers that already use it for customers. Another problem for employers whose employees do not have this document which is already creating tensions within the groups concerned by this imperative.

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