TruPosture and some companies

“Stand up straight!” O “Straight back!” are phrases that many of us will have heard from our parents sometime throughout our lives to sit with a correct posture. But when we grow up we no longer have anyone around to monitor our good posture. Fortunately, wearables can use technology to play that role.

TruPosture It is a sleeveless shirt with a wire that runs down the back of the trunk, the back. It tracks the curvature of the spine and sends it a vibration every time we start to sink into the seat, to have an incorrect posture.

This very interesting wearable is currently in the crowdfunding phase to raise $ 50,000 on Indiegogo and help his company mass-produce it.

The company that has devised TruPosture states that this wearable can help reduce back pain, helping to maintain a healthy posture. The straighter your spine is kept, the stronger your back will be, which can help prevent serious later problems in the future that could lead to needing surgery.

TruPosture wearable

TruPosture Features

TruPosture It is equipped with a series of nanosensors that keep track of the straightness of the back. With the connected app, which will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, users can configure their ideal posture and then see how they are modifying it and what they need to correct it.

If the user scrolls forward too far, they will receive a single vibration notification. If you lean too far back, you will get a two-vibrate alert. The vibration is felt in the spine, right where it is curving improperly. That way, you always know exactly where to put the effort to straighten up, to stay straight. In this way, this wearable will train you to sit correctly again, as if it were a “virtual mother” that corrects us when we stop having a correct back posture.

TruPosture wearable 2

It is wearable It is not limited to correcting our sitting posture. The application allows you to program sitting and standing postures and even stretching. The better we can keep the spine straight, the more the wearable’s performance level can be increased.

TruPosture It is made of breathable lycra with a special antimicrobial odor control treatment. It is machine washable, but it is not specified whether it can be put in the dryer.

The initial price that is shuffled is $ 149 and you can choose the style, size and color. Launch and shipping is estimated for May 2016.