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Are you looking for a short throw projector? Then you make a good choice. Short throw projectors have some important advantages over regular projectors and deliver razor-sharp image quality. Because there are many short throw projectors on the market, it may be difficult to choose which one suits you best. That’s why our editors have tested five short throw beamers to see which one is the best. You can find the results in this buying guide.

What is the difference between a short throw beamer and a normal beamer?

A short throw beamer differs from a normal beamer because it moves closer to the projection screen. “Short throw” stands for “short throw” as it were. A short throw beamer can therefore deliver a larger screen width while moving closer to the projection screen.

In addition to short throw beamers, you also have beamers in long throw, standard throw and ultra short throw. For this one, our editors only looked at short throw and ultra short throw beamers. If you’re not sure which type of projector is right for you, check out our recent guides to smart projectors, mini beamers, 4k beamers and beamer for outdoor use.

Best choice


Xiaomi Mijia 4K

This 4k Laserbeamer from Xiaomi generates a razor-sharp image and provides you with a real cinema experience.
Features HDMI and USB connections
To be used with a Chromecast
Connecting to WiFi is possible

Best Buy


BenQ TK700STi

BenQ TK700STi

The versatile BenQ offers great value for money.
4K Resolution and HDR Support
Affordable price, good quality
Android TV

2 advantages of a short throw beamer

A short throw beamer offers several advantages. Below you will find an overview of which benefits these are and how you as a consumer benefit from them.

1. You are no longer in the picture by accident

The biggest advantage of a short throw projector is that you can no longer accidentally walk through the projection. Because the distance between the projector and the projection screen is so small, your shadow will no longer appear when you walk past. This is especially ideal during presentations or lectures, but certainly also when you watch a movie at home with your partner, your family or your group of friends.

2. You benefit from multiple projection options

With a short throw projector, you are no longer obliged to hang the projector on the wall or ceiling, or to place it on a specially designed shelf. You can also simply place the beamer on a table, on the TV cabinet or even on the floor. Of course it is also possible to mount the beamer on the ceiling.

The 5 best short throw beamers of the moment

Below you will find an extensive overview of the 5 best tested short throw beamers. Our editors have spent a lot of time testing the image quality, the sharpness during the day and at night, the different projection options and the compatibility with operating systems, as well as HDMI and bluetooth.


Xiaomi Mijia 4K


Xiaomi Mijia

A true home cinema. That is the best description of this powerhouse from Xiaomi. This 4K Laser Projector delivers razor-sharp images in 4K resolution and only needs to be placed 10 to 50 centimeters from the wall for the best result.

The Xiaomi delivers images up to 150 inches and is easy to install and place level. When you walk past it, your shadow will not be visible on the projection screen, which prevents annoyance and distraction during films, games or presentations.

Do you want this projector to deliver top performance even in daylight? Then use it in combination with a projection screen (ALR/CLR). This way you can be sure that you will not only enjoy this short throw beamer optimally in the evening, but also during the day. In our test, we noticed that you need a screen or a smooth wall for optimal projection sharpness. So pay attention to that.

  • Features HDMI and USB connections
  • To be used with a Chromecast
  • Can be connected with WiFi
  • Multiple projection modes possible


  • Features 3 HDMI connections
  • Equipped with a USB port
  • Compatible with a Chromecast
  • 4K resolution in 3840 x 2160 pixels


  • Projection screen needed for optimal quality in daylight
BenQ TK700STi

This BenQ TK700STi is one of the best short throw beamers at the moment. The device has 4K resolution and HDR support and that produces very high-contrast images. This applies to bright images, but also to images with a lot of shadows and dark colors.

While testing this beamer, we discovered that it is perfectly suited for gaming, watching movies and giving presentations. This makes it a versatile device that can be used anywhere thanks to multiple projection positions. In the living room, in the office and in the lecture hall.

Thanks to the input lag of only 16 milliseconds, gaming was especially a pleasant experience. There is therefore virtually no delay between the image and the actions you perform on the controller of your console. In short: a good choice if you are looking for a short throw projector with versatile capabilities.

  • 4K Resolution and HDR Support
  • Equipped with Android TV Smart Platform
  • Has Bluetooth connection
  • 3000 ANSI Lumen


  • Versatile in use (gaming, movies, presentations)
  • Razor-sharp image quality
  • Streaming wirelessly
  • Equipped with Android TV dongle


  • Fans produce relatively much noise


Optoma GT1070Xe


Optoma GT1070Xe

This Optoma is ideal for those who have a slightly smaller budget, but would like to buy a short throw projector. The Optoma projects an impressive image size at a short distance. For example, it can deliver an image of no less than 2 meters wide at a distance of 1 meter.

This budget projector is especially suitable for small living rooms or bedrooms. Here you can create a real home cinema experience with this beamer. Because this projector comes with a carrying bag, it is also ideal for giving presentations at customers on location.

Because this short throw beamer is a bit cheaper than the other devices from our test, you do sacrifice something on quality. For example, the sound quality of this projector is downright mediocre.

  • Equipped with 2800 ANSI lumens
  • Full HD-beeld (1080p)
  • Supplied with remote control (incl. batteries)
  • Includes handy carrying case


  • Versatile in use
  • Attractive price range
  • Excellent HD images in 1080p
  • Features keystone correction


  • Poor sound quality
  • No zoom function to adjust projection size


Optoma UHZ65UST


Optoma UHZ65UST

This high-quality Optoma falls into the ultra short throw projector category. This means that it generates an impressive image size at a very short distance from the projection screen. Thanks to the brightness of no less than 3500 ANSI Lumen, this Optoma delivers very clear image quality both in the evening and during the day. Only 50 centimeters away from the projection screen, we arrived at an image width of 2 meters. A truly impressive achievement.

The beamer has a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and, thanks to the built-in soundbar, also has excellent sound. An advantage of this is that you do not need Bluetooth speakers or other sound equipment to create an optimal experience.

Thanks to the versatile functionalities of this Optoma, it is also possible to operate it with the voice assistant from Google or Amazon. This makes it very easy and fast to use.

  • Equipped with 3500 ANSI lumens
  • 4K beeld in 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Compatible with apps, voice control and more
  • Ultra short throw for very short throw


  • Delivers top quality, even in daylight
  • Operable with voice assistant
  • Features all desired compatibility options (including USB)
  • High-end 4K quality


Samsung The Premiere LSP9TFA


Samsung The Premiere LSP9TFA

This Samsung The Premiere LSP9TFA makes many televisions superfluous. This ultra short throw projector has an attractive design and projects from 11 centimeters from the wall. You can therefore easily hide the beamer on a TV cabinet against an even white wall.

Unless you don’t have a smooth wall to project onto, a projection screen is not necessary with this projector. A sound system is also a thing of the past when you purchase this device, because the sound quality is excellent and is not inferior to the average surround system.

What struck us about this Samsung is that it has a very versatile functionality. The device contains apps that are similar to what a smart TV offers. So if you’re in doubt between a smart TV or a beamer, this ultra short throw is a serious choice to consider.

  • Equipped with 2800 ANSI lumens
  • 4K beeld in 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Minimum projection distance of only 11 centimeters
  • Suitable for Bluetooth, WiFi and HDMI


  • Versatile functionality
  • Very small projection distance
  • Excellent image quality
  • Attractive and compact design

Want to buy a short throw projector? You have to pay attention to this

When you buy a short throw projector, it is important that you take several things into account. Below we explain what these are.

1. Resolution, light output and contrast

When you buy a projector, it is important to pay attention to the resolution, but also to the light output and contrast. Two rule of thumb that you can use for this:

  1. A light output of at least 2000 ANSI Lumen is sufficient to watch films and series in daylight, or to give presentations in an office space.
  2. For a full daytime image experience, a light output of 2700 ANSI Lumen or higher is recommended.
Projectiebreedte Required light output in daylight (ANSI)
205 cm 2000
225 cm 2500
235 cm 3000
265 cm 3500

2. Distance between projector and screen or wall (throw)

As you could read earlier in this article, a short throw projector has a smaller projection distance than a regular projector. The advantage of this is that you no longer appear with your shadow in the picture when you walk by. Thanks to this short throw technology, it is no longer necessary to attach your projector to the ceiling or to mount a shelf for it.

When purchasing a short throw projector, make sure that the distance to the projection screen corresponds to the place where you prefer to place the projector. This prevents you from regretting your purchase or having to return the device.

3. Quality of the built-in speakers

Sound quality is not very important for presentations or lectures. After all, you are mainly talking to yourself there. But if you want to play games or watch movies and series via your beamer, you benefit from good sound quality. If you choose a budget projector, you will save money on the device itself, but there is a good chance that you will have to buy a set of bluetooth speakers or a surround system. If you opt for a somewhat more expensive beamer, this is usually not necessary. So read carefully the reviews of various short throw projectors to discover whether the sound quality is sufficient to optimally enjoy home entertainment.

Aneta Pawlik (Unsplash)
Image: Aneta Pawlik (Unsplash)

The best short throw beamers of 2022: which one will you choose?

You now know everything about the five best short throw projectors of the moment. You also know what to look for before making a choice. You know the importance of light output and sound quality and you know the difference between a short throw projector and a normal version. In short: you are ready to make a choice. We wish you a lot of fun with your purchase choice and hope that our buying guide has helped you on your way.