the KNX stand alone panel

The intelligence for your building

DIVUS is a global and technically advanced company offering innovative touch panels and complete solutions for industry and building automation. The company has the sole objective of making the world of today and tomorrow more comfortable, economical and ecological.

The company is regarded as one of the pioneers in the field of touchpanels and, in keeping with its future-oriented philosophy, DIVUS regularly sets new standards in the sector with new products, such as with the DIVUS KNX IQ, the new stand-alone KNX panel from DIVUS.

The KNX IQ controls and monitors your electrical installation and is the economic gateway to the world of building visualization. KNX IQ is a stand alone panel, which can be used to control the entire visualization of the apartment. The panel is equipped with an 8 “(20.32 cm) capacitive touchscreen display. It is a surface mount device that can be installed in many existing (retrofit) mounting boxes and protrudes only slightly from the wall.

One panel for many functions

DIVUS VISION displays, DIVUS IQ LAUNCHER, DIVUS VIDEOPHONE intercom, DIVUS KIBRO web browser, DIVUS IP CAM VIEWER and DIVUS SCREENCLEANER are already pre-installed. The DIVUS VISION visualization interface convinces with its simplicity of implementation by the system integrator and control by the customer. Lights, shade, temperature, music, alarms can be conveniently monitored and controlled via the panel. In addition, smart devices can be integrated into the visualization.

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