Funniest Super Mario movie memes: Chris Pratt as Mario is ‘game over’ for some

Chris Pratt. As Mario. No, really.


Maybe it’s not every serious actor’s dream to play a video-game character. But on Thursday, when Nintendo announced it was teaming up with Illumination, the studio behind Despicable Me, to create a new Super Mario movie, fans couldn’t get enough of the news. 

And no wonder: Look at this cast list. Chris Pratt as Mario, Jack Black as Bowser, Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong and Anya Taylor-Joy as Peach. The movie is animated, so the actors will only be providing the voices of their characters, but still.

Fans had reactions.

What even with this casting?

“So the 2 main characters… they just casted whoever was free huh?” wrote one person.

“What timeline are we living in?” asked the official account for the Among Us game.

Snarked one Twitter user, “The Mario cast is so unhinged you could literally just put any actor’s picture next to a character from the series and I’d believe it was real.” (That’s Jared Leto, and to our knowledge, he’s not in the movie.)

Chris Pratt as Mario

Chris Pratt’s casting as Mario drew much of the attention and jokes. One tweet remembered Pratt in the Jurassic World films, comparing him to Mario and his dinosaur sidekick, Yoshi.

Mario’s extremely exaggerated Italian heritage was at the center of some jokes. “I’m fine with the Chris Pratt casting as Mario as long as it’s extremely offensive and Nintendo has to issue an apology to the Italian community for it,” said ont person.

Jack Black as Bowser

Comic actor Jack Black’s casting as Bowser drew plenty of attention, too.

“Learning that Jack Black is Bowser was way more fulfilling than any Smash reveal,” wrote one person on Twitter.

Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong

Naturally, Seth Rogen’s casting as Donkey Kong wasn’t forgotten. 

“The only casting announcement for the Super Mario Bros. movie that makes absolute sense to me is Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong,” wrote one person.

“Frank from Sausage Party has the same voice actor as Donkey Kong from the Super Mario movie,” noted the very specific Same Voice Actor Twitter account.

A few CNET staffers also had thoughts on the eyebrow-raising casting. The movie is scheduled to arrive in theaters on Dec. 21, 2022.

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