from unauthorized 2 billion in tax evasion per year

The Fiavet-Confcommercio Legality Commission meets, a demotivating picture emerges: 2 billions the tax damage in the world already put in
knee from the pandemic.

«I like to remember our Prime Minister, Mario Draghi. He affirms that ‘there is no justice if there is abuse’, a truth that unfortunately the
travel agencies know very well ». Giuseppe Ciminnisi, vice president of Fiavet-Confcommercio, head of the legality commission, denounces the very serious situation of unauthorized activity which is experiencing a completely new season.

In addition to the situation of poor legal control, there is a historical context of economic difficulty that allows those who commit crimes to operate better and more than before. This is what emerges from the last meeting of the Legality Commission of Fiavet Confcommercio which saw the participation of all the representatives of the twenty Italian regions.

Careless purchase

We are witnessing the proliferation of the phenomenon whereby organizations, which define themselves as “non-profit”. Then they turn into unfair competitors for legalized companies. «We are talking about 38,000 illegal operators. A 2 billion euro tax evasion that continues to operate undisturbed, depriving tourism of its qualitative value and not weighing on the country’s gross domestic product, ”says Ciminnisi.

Some of these are oblivious. The parish trips, the trips of pot sellers, those of non-profit organizations. You think you are in the right situation, but if the packages are not built by a professional, the market is damaged and an offense is committed.

“This is a careless purchase that does not allow you to have the guarantees, now more necessary than ever,” says Ciminnisi. The battle of Fiavet against illegal is now historic. This does not mean that we should give up. Especially in times like this when it is essential to enforce legality, in the widest possible sense.

In Italy there are over 10,000 authorized travel agencies that only ask for compliance with the rules.