Friends: 10 Things Everyone Forgets About Phoebe’s Story

Long before the masseuse and singer married Mike Hannigan, played by Paul Rudd, she was Monica’s roommate. Phoebe is the most ethereal of the cast, with confusion surrounding her age and her backstory. However, her clumsy charm, carefree musings, and eccentricities made Phoebe Buffay a fan favorite.

During the recent reunion ofFriends, Kudrow (in character) was praised by Lady Gaga, who joined her for a performance of “Smelly Cat.” Lisa Kudrow beat out many famous actresses for the role, including Megan Mullally and Kathy Griffin. Kudrow brings warmth and innocence to the role. That makes it easy to forget how complicated and complex Phoebe’s story has been.

10 Their kinship is the result of polyamory

Phoebe is a very eccentric character, so it makes perfect sense in the world that the writers created an equally unorthodox family for her. She was conceived in a polyamorous relationship between three people: Phoebe, Lily, and Frank.

He is named after his biological mother, Phoebe Abbott, who was unprepared to raise her children and gave up her twin daughters for adoption before dropping out of the trial. As a result, the remaining couple, Lily and Frank, marry and raise babies Phoebe and Ursula together.

9 had a troubled family life

Unfortunately, Phoebe and her sister did not have a stable home and family life. Frank divorced Lily when the twins were still very young and abandoned his family. Lily ends up getting married again. However, her second husband ends up in jail.

In her grief, Lily commits suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. Phoebe sometimes teases the loss of her mother and tells Monica that she was a drug dealer. His stepfather is never named, but is presumed to be alive in jail.

8 he has two brothers

Many fans know that Phoebe has a twin sister named Ursula. However, most are unaware that the character comes from another series. Ursula, also played by Kudrow, initially appeared in Mad About You as a waitress and a recurring cast member. Later, Ursula was incorporated into Phoebe’s story as her twin sister.

Also, while trying to locate her estranged father, Phoebe discovers that she has a stepbrother named after her father. Frank Snr. he abandoned his second wife and son just as he did with his first family. Giovanni Ribisi plays Frank Buffay Jr.

7 She was homeless from a young age

Following Lily’s suicide and with no father figures around her, the twins were left homeless at the tender age of 14. They learned to survive on the harsh streets of New York. At 18, Phoebe claims that she lived in a burned-out car.

As a result of inconsistent or brilliant writing, Phoebe’s time as a tramp is littered with outlandish stories. His traumatic time on the street is juxtaposed with his innocence. Phoebe doesn’t seem to like anything subversive, which can be a defense mechanism after years of fighting.

6 Has lived with people and in interesting places

Fans know that Phoebe was Monica’s roommate before Rachel. Due to Monica’s obsessive cleanliness, Phoebe began to slowly move into her grandmother’s apartment. Phoebe completed her gradual move a year before the pilot episode by moving one piece of furniture at a time because she didn’t want to upset Monica by leaving suddenly.

Phoebe’s other roommates are an albino window cleaner and a man named Sidney, who she claims spoke with her hand. During an exchange with Ross and Chandler, Phoebe mentions that she had similar relationship problems while living in Prague, but did not elaborate.

5 He never went to high school or college

Lisa Kudrow, unlike her on-screen counterpart Phoebe, has a degree in Biology. Kudrow has been outspoken about the difficulties of playing silly characters, Phoebe in particular. Matt LeBlanc helped her overcome her anxiety about playing the role.

Because she was homeless and struggling to survive, Phoebe did not have the privilege of finishing high school or attending college. Instead, Phoebe’s inquisitive and wandering nature provided her with a real-world education. His colorful and uncultivated view of the world is often shown by his interest in New Age trends and outlandish beliefs.

4 Master French and also speak some Italian

Despite her lack of formal education, Phoebe learned French by regularly meeting some unidentified people behind a dumpster.

He has also been shown to have learned some Italian, once speaking with Joey’s grandmother, Nonnie. It is possible that he only understands certain regional dialects because he does not understand Rachel’s Italian boyfriend, Paolo.

3 Has a criminal record

Growing up homeless and struggling to survive, Phoebe occasionally ran into run-ins with the law. When she thinks that she is going to be stopped by a security guard, Phoebe exclaims that she will never go back to jail, implying that she has already been through it.

Some of her crimes include stabbing a police officer, although she insists that he stabbed her first. Sometimes he assaulted people to survive, and one of his victims, at age 14, was Ross.

2 It is useful in a fight

Her personality on the show makes it easy to believe that Phoebe is innocent and childish. However, Phoebe learned to defend herself while living on the streets. Describes an encounter with a pimp who gave him hepatitis. On another occasion, she mentions that she was chased by a mental institution patient who had escaped when she turned 16.

During a playful bout with Joey, in which she draws blood, Phoebe reveals that she learned to box while at the YMCA. Her light-hearted description of events suggests that she may have been sexually assaulted while there.

1 was married once

At the beginning of the series’ ten years, it is revealed that Phoebe is married to a Canadian ice dancer named Duncan. Phoebe secretly marries him so that she can obtain American citizenship, but falls in love with him. Unfortunately, she is left heartbroken when he leaves to pursue his career.

Duncan first appears as a gay man, and the marriage is one of convenience. However, he later asks Phoebe for a divorce again so he can marry another woman after realizing he wasn’t gay after all.