For Don’t Call Me Jennyfer, McFly and Carlito combine fashion and cheat sheets for the start of the school year



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25 August 2021

When they are not filming themselves alongside the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron and they are not preparing a crossing of the Mediterranean by oar, McFly and Carlito turn into fashion designers. The famous duo of French comedians has teamed up with the Don’t Call Me Jennyfer brand to design a collection in their image: sassy and totally offbeat. There are fashion essentials, but also everything you need to be the first in the class … with integrated cheat sheets.


Followed by nearly 7 million people on YouTube, McFly and Carlito sprayed the scores with their clip on barrier gestures – a request from the President of the Republic in person – which has to date accumulated no less than 15 million views. It is impossible not to know the videographers and comedians, who have become influencers, who have multiplied the craziest challenges in recent months.

McFly and Carlito are where you least expect them. We therefore find them in the world of fashion. The Don’t Call Me Jennyfer brand called on the famous duo for a collection, called Antisèche, for the start of the school year. A name that says a lot about the theme of this line of ready-to-wear and essentials for math and French lessons.

No question for the two comedians to sign a smooth collection, without that touch of originality that characterizes them. Result, not content to imagine a selection of essentials for the start of the school year, they also spin the cheat sheets that will not end the year at the back of the class.

The collection includes “the necessary not to be caught by his teachers”, underlines Don’t Call Me Jennyfer in a press release. There are “pens with integrated paper, a ruler to note everything, two cases with a secret pocket, [et] a backpack with the Pythagorean theorem inside. ”The set is completed by two hoodies featuring the duo’s cult phrases, as well as a trio of socks.

The fruit of this collaboration can be discovered in stores and online from August 26, at prices between 4.99 and 29.99 euros.

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