Federica Falchetti’s recipe for relaunching tourism

Federica Falchetti with Senator Massimo Mallegni

«Now politics needs skills. It is not a question of choosing a logo or an ideology, but of doing what our businesses need. Forza Italia believes in tourism and chose me for this. And if I win we all win, I can be your spokesperson in the Municipality of Rome ”.

Like this Federica Falchetti, the Roman entrepreneur of Alipan Viaggi, welcomed operators and representatives of sector associations on the terrace of the Hotel Terrace Pantheon Relais. At his side the Senator Massimo Mallegni, Tuscan hotelier, national manager of the tourism department of Forza Italia.

Mallegni announced the presentation shortly the parliamentary question with urgent procedure, proposed by Falchetti for the total reopening of the borders to travel for tourism. “In tourism there are no ideological perspectives but things to do – said Mallegni -. We need to be able to hire at affordable costs and have adequate infrastructure for companies to grow. Because if there is no turnover, there is neither right nor left … “

Certain reopening

«Enough talking about corridors and lists, we need a certain reopening date – added Falchetti -. Tourism must plan, now it is impossible. Instead, our competitors abroad have already left, because the conditions are there. Our top range is using foreign operators, it is a turnover haemorrhage ».

«If outgoing does not start again, a substantial slice of incoming will be lost – said Falchetti – the market is fluid and lives on reciprocity. Our companies are the dynamic hub that moves a huge slice of the market. Politics must understand this ».

«We are a world of SMEs and individualists, but we must find at least two or three points on which to move together. Because we must make Rome a successful format in tourism, to be replicated throughout Italy. We need a common table, from which come out proposals of which we are all convinced, for which politics can commit itself ”.

The evening was also an opportunity for a debate among the representatives of the associations, from Ivana Jelinic, president of national Fiavet, to Cinzia Renzi, president of Assoviaggi Confesercenti Rome, from Stefano Corbari, president of Fiavet Lazio to Giuseppe Roscioli, president of Federalbergjhi Rome. .