‘Everybody told me it was impossible to do it’

Inspired by Kung Fu and in the Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan films, Esmeralda Falcón started boxing at the age of 18 without imagining that she would put the name of Mexico at the top, thanks to her historic results.

Esmeralda became the first Mexican boxer to win a gold medal in the Central American and Caribbean GamesIn Barranquilla 2018, at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games, she hung the bronze medal and became the first Mexican boxer to qualify for the Olympic Games.

“It is a pride, a personal fulfillment and a dream that I had despite the fact that at the beginning everyone told me that it would be impossible to achieve it. I think all those comments were perhaps key to sticking to this discipline.

“I want to show the best version of Esmeralda Falcón, I want to enjoy the competition, live it to the fullest, calm, sure that I can be in the medal table,” Falcón said in an interview with RECORD.

Barranquilla 2018 was a watershed in the career of the 25-year-old boxer from the capital.

“Always said that it is my most important competition because from there there was a promotion in my career, but also on a personal level because it was the most beautiful, but also the saddest. The most beautiful because I was performing as an athlete, but as a person there were many conflicts, perhaps economically, at an academic level because there were also problems because the school was not supporting me in the way that I would have liked, it was being difficult.

“The pressure to say I should be maybe independent by now, instead of giving my parents worries I should be helping them and letting some people go I think it has been one of the most important and most painful things that I had to take in order to achieve the Central American Games medal ”, he recalled.

Falcón is synonymous with struggle and perseverance. She broke schemes, excelled with honors in sport despite the asthma she has suffered since childhood, broke down the prejudices she faced just for the simple fact of being a woman when she decided to dedicate herself to boxing and won the battle by Covid-19.


Esmeralda Falcón takes a look at the past and appreciates the strength she has had in not giving up in the face of the different obstacles she has gone through until reaching the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

“I would say thank you for not giving up, go ahead, keep trusting you, whatever happens you know what you count on yourself, you know what you are capable of, you are a strong woman, you are a determined and clinging woman and nobody has the power to stop you more than you and thank you for having endured so much in the cycle ”, Falcón mentioned in an interview with RECORD.

The 26-year-old boxer said she was proud to represent the Secretary of the Navy, which means great support in her sports career.

“It is one more way to praise my country, to be part of the Navy is to be an example for society. We have different options to be able to put up the name of your country and, above all to make our parents feel proud, we are correct people and citizens in every sense of the word, not only as athletes, but as citizens as parents, as children, as brothers. That is the important thing ”, mentioned Falcón, who will seek to get on the Olympic podium in the 60 kilogram category.

Esmeralda proudly bears the nickname “La Pantera” given to her by her father, who despite the difficulties at home have supported her sporting career.