Euphemia strengthens and renews its online presence

Euphemia, a Lab Travel Group brand, relaunches and doubles its online presence, with a renewal project that involves web and social networks.

We start with the Euphemia channel, which includes a completely renovated website, a Facebook page and an Instagram profile aimed at communication for and with Personal Voyagers. The contents range from service news to reports on the evolution of legislation, with an important focus dedicated to training through a series of webinars and live broadcasts produced in collaboration with tourism organizations and partner tour operators. Ample space is also dedicated to the presentation of the Euphemia business model: the group’s philosophy, the services offered to Personal Voyagers and the direct testimonies of the many consultants who have already chosen to follow this path.

Marta Barroero, Lab Travel Group marketing and communication manager, declares: «The added value of direct confrontation with a professional is indispensable in the sales funnel of the tourist product, as well as after-sales support. This is why we have rethought our online presence by implementing a strategy that focuses on training. We take advantage of the immediacy of the web to provide useful information and real-time updates to Personal Voyagers, so that they always have the right tools to manage the relationship with the customer. At the same time, we have strengthened the promotional activity to intercept final consumers and direct them to our Personal Voyagers ».

Marta Barroero

At the same time, the Lab Travel Group channel embraces a more consumer-oriented logic, with the website, the Facebook page and the Instagram profile. «We focus on travel ideas and suggestions, also giving space to our most advantageous commercial offers – continues Marta Barroero. We value the professionalism and consultancy support guaranteed by our Personal Voyagers, also through the sharing of their blogs, in which they tell about destinations and travel experiences lived in first person and provide interesting practical advice, such as, to cite an example, the ideal composition of a hiking backpack !.

Finally, the web channel development project includes the enhancement of the individual social profiles of Personal Voyagers, through a suite of tools for managing posts and blogs and continuous ideas for the editorial calendar: videos and promotional material related to destinations and facilities, appointments and events not to be missed and much more.