Etihad, digital transformation passes through Amadeus

Etihad Airways is ready to embark on a major digital transformation following the signing of the multi-year agreement with Amadeus.

Etihad Airways implementerà l’intera suite Amadeus Altéa PSS, including web booking, revenue management and merchandising, data management and passenger assistance solutions. These tools will be tailored for Etihad in the coming years and will enhance the experience for customers, staff, travel agents, Etihad Guest members and corporate passengers.

Etihad passengers will be able to count on new web and mobile channels managed by the suite Amadeus Digital Experience, able to offer the smoothest user experience for purchasing airline tickets and managing reservations. Advanced distribution capabilities will be jointly developed using machine learning to provide users with tailored offers and to personalize their travel experience.

To modernize the distribution, Etihad also signed the contract Amadeus Altéa NDC (New Distribution Capability) and will work with Amadeus to offer personalized travel proposals to its users. Etihad will make available to Amadeus travel agents the full range of NDC offerings, allowing them to see, in a transparent way, the features of the award-winning Etihad product and the ancillary services that can be purchased.

The airline will also implement the module Altéa Departure Control Customer Management, providing its passengers with notifications of personalized promotions, services and flight changes in real time. The system will offer a higher level of service customization and provide users with a quick and easy check-in process, which is all the more important for resuming travel.