‘Dune’ (2021) release date, trailer, cast. Film directed by Denis Villeneuve

‘Dune’ It is one of the next great Hollywood premieres and little by little we are learning more about this long-awaited adaptation of the novel by Frank Herbert led by the filmmaker Denis Villeneuve with Timothy Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac Y Stellan Skarsgard in front of his incredible cast.

The science-fiction film already completed its filming last year and awaits its premiere in a world in which Hollywood does not stop putting off major productions for fear of the impact caused by the coronavirus, although this co-production between Canada, Hungary, the United Kingdom and the United States for now it maintains its initially planned release date.

What is ‘Dune’?

‘Dune’ is a science fiction novel written by Frank Herbert and published for the first time in 1965. Its great success led its author to make several sequels, dying shortly after publishing the sixth installment, which included an open ending, in 1985. Of course, years later his son Brian Herbert concluded the franchise with two new novels written alongside Kevin J. Anderson.

The story of ‘Dune’ revolves around Paul Atreides, a member of the family in charge of the exploitation of Arrakis, the only planet that allows access to a very precious asset. The Harkonen, who previously controlled the planet with an iron hand, decide to regain power, forcing Paul to flee to the desert, where he will have to face endless dangers and devise a plan to defeat the Harkonen.

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Previous adaptations

Barely a few years passed until a cinematic adaptation by Alejandro Jodorowsky that never came to fruition. That does not mean that later we would know a multitude of details about what many consider to be one of the best films that was ever made.

Dune Lynch

Back in the 80s, Dino De Laurentiis came to an agreement with David Lynch to write and direct the long-awaited first film version of ‘Dune’. It was finally released in 1984 with the approval of Herbert. The critic was not so kind to her, but her bad reputation is surely a bit undeserved.

In addition, ‘Dune’ also had a television version in the form of a miniseries released in 2000 with John Harrison taking care of both the script and the staging. Finally, it is worth noting its popularity in the world of videogames, with a new version also being launched for gamers. gamers from the hand of Funcom.

Cast and protagonists of ‘Dune’

Dune Characters

The new adaptation of ‘Dune’ has, without a doubt, one of the best casts in recent years. In front of it we have Timothée Chalamet, the great revelation of the stupendous ‘Call Me By Your Name’, giving life to the young Paul Atreides. By his side in every way we will have Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac in the role of their parents.

For its part, Stellan Skarsgard takes on the shoes of Vladimir Harkonnen, the great enemy of the Atreides, while Charlotte Rampling She will occupy a place between good and evil as Reverend Mother Mohiam.

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In addition, in ‘Dune’ we can also see Javier Bardem, Zendaya, Josh Brolin, Dave Bautista, Jason Momoa, Stephen Henderson, Chang Chen, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, and David Dastmalchian. A lot of talent together.


running dune

‘Dune’ is the second major production directed by Denis Villeneuve after ‘Blade Runner 2049’. Before that, he had already conquered both the critics and the public thanks to tapes such as ‘Incendies’, ‘Prisioneros’, ‘Enemy’, ‘Sicario’ or ‘The arrival’. Curiously, his jump to the big leagues did not have the expected success and the material he has here at hand is not exactly easy to adapt.

Villeneuve himself has been commissioned to write the script with the collaboration of Jon Spaihts, one of the men behind ‘Prometheus’, and Eric Roth, an Oscar winner for his libretto for ‘Forrest Gump’. Of course, everything indicates that his vision has prevailed over any other, reaching the following point about the main difference between making ‘Blade Runner 2049’ and ‘Dune’:

With ‘Blade Runner 2049’ and ‘Dune’ you have two different pressures. With ‘Blade Runner’ he had to be respectful of Ridley Scott’s masterpiece. It was more of an act of love. Here it is totally different. I’m dealing with the pressure of dreams that I had as a teenager. He was a great dreamer, he did it bigger when he was younger. That adolescent in me is totalitarian and I have to fulfill those dreams. That was the biggest challenge.


Previously, Villeneuve had also remembered the previous film version directed by David Lynch – who recently came to say that it was the only one of his films of which he was not proud – for which he had both good words and not so good words. :

I’m a huge David Lynch fan, he’s a teacher. I remember being excited to see his ‘Dune’ but the adaptation … there are parts that I love and other elements that I am less comfortable with. So I remember being half satisfied. So I was thinking to myself: ‘There’s still a movie about that book that needs to be made, just with a different sensibility.’

The soundtrack


Villeneuve has once again trusted here in Hans Zimmer, who already composed the music for ‘Blade Runner 2019’. In fact, to be able to participate in ‘Dune’ he had to refuse to compose the soundtrack for ‘Tenet’, since his passion for the original book made it impossible for him to say no to Villeneuve.

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The filming

Image Dune

Recordings for ‘Dune’ began in March 2019 in Hungary, also visiting different locations in Jordan, Norway and the United Arab Emirates. The bulk of filming was completed by July 2019, but a year later several scenes were re-shot in Hungary.

Trailer, images and poster

Last September 9 was the date of the launch of the first trailer that you can see just above these lines -and that did not impress Jodorowsky too much-. In addition, we also carry out an extensive analysis of all the clues that he gives us about the film. What we still do not have is a poster, since the closest thing that has appeared to one have been the covers dedicated to the film in a recent issue of Empire magazine:

Dune Portada

Dune Cover 2

Dune Cover 3

When is Dune released in theaters?

The simultaneous arrival in cinemas and HBO MAX – a practice that Warner has already ruled out for 2022 – of ‘Dune’ has been set for the October 1, 2021. Initially its premiere was scheduled for December 18, 2020, but Hollywood does not stop delaying releases lately in response to the coronavirus pandemic and when Warner moved ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ to December 25 it caused the change of date of ‘Dune ‘it was a mere matter of time.