David Fincher to direct the Killer adaptation starring Michael Fassbender

After the success of Mank – 90%, who garnered six Golden Globe nominations and possibly wiped out Oscar nominations, David Fincher (Lost – 92%, Side by Side – 92%, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – 86%) already has a new project with Netflix. It is the film adaptation of The Killer, a homonymous series of graphic novels from the French ALEXIS Nole, aka Matz (via IndieWire).

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The news was released by Deadline, which also confirmed that Seven’s screenwriter, the Seven Deadly Sins – 79%, Andrew Kevin Walker, will be in charge of adapting the play. It was also mentioned that Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs – 86%, Macbeth – 86%) will be in charge of starring in the film.

According to the outlet, the graphic novel series centers on a cold-blooded killer who begins to have a psychological breakdown in a world without a moral compass. Known as Le Tueur in French, its original language, the comic was illustrated by Luc Jacamon and was first published in 1998.

For his part The Hollywood Reporter (via IndieWire) pointed out, more specifically, that Fassbender will play a murderer who begins to break down psychologically as he develops a conscience, even as his clients continue to demand his skills.

Likewise, the medium reported that the project for the realization of this film arose since 2007 and there was even a lot of talk about Brad Pitt (Once upon a time in … Hollywood – 94%, Ad Astra: To the Stars – 90%), who had already worked with Fincher on Seven and El Club De La Pelea – 80%, would star in the film.

Now, the project has been absorbed, quietly, by Netflix and the filmmaker has already begun to bring to life what will undoubtedly be an interesting piece of film, considering what the 58-year-old director has been able to do, throughout his career, when it comes to adaptations.

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In addition to Fassbender and Walker, Fincher’s longtime producer, Ceán Chaffin, is also involved in the adaptation of The Killer. There are still many more details to be announced, as the project is still in its early stages, but, unlike 2007, now it seems that it will walk.

Fincher had been considering multiple movies alongside The Killer for some time, but with awards season drawing to a close, the director is ready to finally bring this film to life. According to Deadline, sources close to the filmmaker said that after recent meetings with Fassbender, Fincher reaffirmed his commitment to this feature film.

This Sunday, the director could get six Golden Globes for Mank, a film he made with the digital giant, including Best Director and Best Drama Film. The announcement of this new film with Netflix is ​​just one more chapter in the success story that the streamer and Fincher have had together with series like House of Cards – 75% y Mindhunter – 94%.

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