Three children’s books on poo

• A good poo-ssis juice

If you put a little bit of your own in it, you can’t make an oven out of this book. Two flies with protruding red eyes and impeccable manners meet for dinner in a ceremonial setting. Between a Louis Philippe sofa and a mirror with moldings, muskids exchange pleasantries. And this is where the reader must make a little declamatory effort: “Can I get you a little aperitif?” A good CACA-ssis juice? “, succeeded by a “CACA-rottes puree”, a “CACA-ssoulet” and, of course, a “Piece of CACA-membert”. At this point, the children are doubled over with laughter. Watch out for pee in the panties.

The Fly Dinner, by Vincent Guigue and Yannick Robert. Bayard youth, 32 pages, 11.90 euros. From 3 years old.

• The wonderful world of poop

The Great Poop Factory, by Nadja Belhadj and Philippe de Kemmeter.

Everything, everything, everything, you will know everything about poop. The black, the yellow, the small, the big… From the first page, the color is announced: a census of the droppings produced by the animal kingdom. We are faced with a wealth of knowledge around excrement, to peck over the days. The children thus discover the transformation of food in the body, but also the good and bad positions in the toilet or the remedies based on poop. Do they want to become paleontologists? Invite them to discover the profession of ichnologist, “the science of traces”, where we study both footprints and coprolites… It is not forbidden to learn in the process: which animal makes square droppings? A hint: he lives in Australia and his name starts with “w”.

La Grande Fabrique à crottes, by Nadja Belhadj and Philippe de Kemmeter. Saltimbanque, 48 pages, 13.90 euros. From 6 years old.

• The offering of the pot

Poop, my little cat !, by Flore and Madeleine Brunelet.

This is an educational book… for parents. We see a little boy that his parents chase around the house with a potty. Obviously, he rather wants to play and to be quiet than to satisfy the desire a little too marked of his dad and his mom as for his droppings. If the message of this book, conceived by a drawing mother and her psychologist daughter, may seem simple, it remains of public utility: forcing your child to go to the bathroom, it’s never a good idea, because it is played in the bathroom. acquisition of cleanliness an essential issue of control and offering. As the little hero says very aptly: “And then, it’s MY poo, so it’s me who decides who I show it to!” “

Caca, mon p’tit chat !, by Flore and Madeleine Brunelet. Père Castor, 24 pages, 6.50 euros. From 1 year old.