“Those who support too much”: Arno Bertina, united

“Those who too much support”, by Arno Bertina, Verticales, 240 p., € 19, digital € 14.

In September 2017, Arno Bertina published Castles that burn (Verticales), novel in which he imagined “The occupation of a slaughterhouse by employees furious at the idea of ​​losing their jobs”. Employees of the company GM&S, a subcontractor to the automotive industry, then offered to discover their struggle within the plant in La Souterraine, a small town in the Creuse, and, in other words, to grapple with reality. : is that “GM&S Industry had become the property of a man whose takeover bid announced 150 job cuts” among the 277 existing, and whose probity they had serious reasons to question. “From this day, La Souterraine will no longer be a simple stopover for me but an objective, or a destination”, writes Bertina on the first pages of Those who endure too much, and we can understand this word “destination” in the broadest sense.

If the title of the book is borrowed from a quote by Parking, by François Bon (Minuit, 1996), it is another work by the same François Bon that we think of: telling of the closure after only a few years of activity of three factories located in Lorraine with major public subsidies, Daewoo (Fayard, 2004) also questioned literature or, more precisely, the literary act with regard to social struggles caused by a capitalist mismanagement. Daewoo and Those who endure too much also share the worst: the death of disoriented actors. Daewoo is haunted in his last third by Yannick Richert, 37, gone as one evaporates for lack of no longer having any address recognized by the company. Those who endure too much is dedicated to Yann Augras, one of the driving forces behind the GM&S struggle, brutally dead in 2020.

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Fifteen years apart, the two books seem to stutter: “Where did the public money go? “, asks, in turn, Bertina, as a crime writer might ask who profits from the crime. “What happened to the approximately 20 million euros? Difficult to say, because the State does not know anything about it, which seems more concerned with the control of the citizens than to follow in the trace the public money which it uses with an apparent casualness. ” This question is central in the mobilization of GM&S employees, whom its successive buyers, benefiting from the state’s money without any compensation, have emptied of its substance, splitting the company in two so as to appropriate a rent that worsens the charges. company on a drip.

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