the ghosts of the Cannes Film Festival

CEvery year in the same season, professionals in the profession go to Cannes with agendas that seem to have been copied from the previous edition. Meetings with the same people, screenings, dinners, parties and other rituals at the same times and in the same places. And now everything is shaken up: calendar, weather forecast, guests, protocols… The pros of Cannes see this festival like no other arrive with an almost greedy curiosity, intrigued by this unusually little full schedule. With so few dates scheduled, does that mean they’ll be able to go see movies?

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How do we recognize them?

They are very happy to come back to Cannes. They haven’t seen each other since the last Venice Film Festival in September. They called the Festival organization to find out how much the accreditation requests had dropped, then wondered what they would do with the response if it was honest. They say that “The public will not be the same” but do not pass judgment. Nor do they question the presence, within the jury, of Mélanie Laurent, actress and director concerned, or that of Mylène Farmer.

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How they talk

“There will be no Asians, no South Americans, few North Americans. In fact, we will be between Europeans. Finally without the English, nor the Germans. “ “I don’t know what I’m going to put on, I gained 8 kilos during confinement. “ “I’m trying to find an appointment for my second dose in Saint-Raphaël. “ “It seems that the demands for accreditation from the pros are in free fall, we will have more time to see people. “ “The restaurants are waiting for us impatiently. “ “For the holidays, it will be necessary to be a little modest. “ “In May 1968, the Festival also had a funny atmosphere and had not ended. There, maybe a Gamma variant would also be enough for it to stop before the end… ” “I’m waiting to see Mylène Farmer with the mayor’s aioli. “

Their great truths

Everything is reversed this year. Usually, those who do it early get the best rates. There, it is the birds of the last minute who benefit from the prices discounted because of the cancellations. This Festival will mark the revenge of women over men. Usually, they shiver in a dress uncovered in May while the men shine in a tuxedo: with a climb of the stairs in July, they will stream in their costume by 35 ° C when the women can air out. In general, there are directors and actresses on the jury, it feels good to have directors and actors.

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