La liesse du flamenco jerezano enlighten me the Fiesta de la buleria

Jerez de La Frontera, Atalaye gardens, August 19, 2021. Second night of the Fiesta de la buleria, entitled “Ahora” (“now”), under the direction of the dancer Gema Moneo. It is at the final salvation, as in a well-conducted thriller, that the truth emerges. About thirty artists on stage, two guitars, percussions, cantaors and cantaoras, dancers, dancers, but also a flautist and his violin (the Parrilla brothers), a pianist (Melchor Borja), all finely mixed so that it turns brothel. Well, not at all: a solea by buleria overwhelming, the slowness changed to joy, and this dozen of clappers – those, essential, which support the palms of the hands, the voices and the bodies – more than astonishing …

Mathematics of the devil. Superior rhythmic. Neither military nor machines, quite the opposite: the synchronicity of souls… A marvel. Ideal synthesis of the whole evening: with its two or three numbers, and these smiles, these sketches of jokes, a few technicians or ordinary passers-by in everyday clothes… A whole fable of life, a syntax of bodies which conveys intense joy. The spirit of Jerez. Jerezana jubilation in wine country. Subtle phonetics of the throats. And the sudden memory of the airport taxi, earlier.

Mute from the departure area, the taxi driver suddenly yelled: ” What ? What’s special about her? The buleria of Jerez is unique, man ! Unique, can you hear me? “ Obviously, we had hit a sore spot. Effectiveness of the vaccine, movement of the stars, price of the airport-Jerez trip, starling rupee next to a questioning, not even: a simple questioning around the buleria of Jerez …

Buleria de Jerez is unique, you hear me, unique. It is a gypsy style born in Jerez – in Santiago or in San Miguel, the two districts with sixty nationalities, the two poles of the city. Take that last sentence, with its reckless use of the notion of “style”; and again, let’s not complain, we spared you that of palo ; with his birth certificate, this single sentence can bring you like nothing a hail of acid emails. The flamenco specialist is even more touchy than the jazz lover.

Square party

Still, celebrating the Feast of the buleria, it is to wear a party square. Buleria is a style (a genre, a palo… Feel free) particularly festive. Its rhythm (rather its metric, its compass) seems to be an acceleration of the solea : here, another theological debate. Carried to its exquisite point by the Niña de los Peines at the beginning of the last century, the buleria becomes more than an initial, more than a way of ending in style, with the magicians of the 1970s who make it a total discourse: Camaron and Paco de Lucia. Neither of them is also a native of Jerez. Like what, these rules in due form are littered with exceptions. Especially in Jerez.

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