“‘Harry Potter’ is a great book”

Del Amo. It is under this pen title that Jean-Baptiste, born Garcia, signs these works. Prize for the young French-language writer, finalist of the Goncourt des Lycéens, Goncourt prize for the first novel, silver medal for the François Mauriac prize, and more recently the Fnac novel prize for “The Son of Man” (Gallimard, 2021) … you will understand, the author that The world receives in this podcast knew how to impose its style and make it recognized by its peers and by the readers. His books talk about the quest for identity, family transmission, the relationship with nature and animals. Jean-Baptiste Del Amo weaves a universe of sensitive writing as precise as it is powerful.

Jean-Baptiste Del Amo was the guest of the Le Mans Book Fair Have read! For The world, the journalist Judith Chetrit asked him about his relationship to literature, to writing. The author gives us his reading advice through the “Keskili” of the “World of books”.

Every Friday, find a podcast “Keskili” hosted by Judith Chetrit, directed by Alexandre Ferreira, produced by Joséfa Lopez for The world. Editorial: Joséfa Lopez, Emmanuel Davidenkoff, Raphaëlle Leyris. Sound recording: Alexandre Ralha for Eyeshot. Readings: Joséfa Lopez. Illustration: Stefania Infante. Graphic identity: Mélina Zerbib, Yves Rospert. Partnerships: Sonia Jouneau, Victoire Bounine, Valérie de L’Hortet. Partner: Le Mans Book Fair Get Read!

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