Five podcasts to celebrate 100 years of radio


In 2021, the radio media is celebrating its 100 years of existence in France! At the initiative of the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA), audio professionals offer or rebroadcast programs around this rich history, which began at the top of the Eiffel Tower on December 22, 1921.

A young woman presents a radio set on January 1, 1959 in Paris.

“Long live the radio! “: A cry of hope

Radio is sometimes – always? – a question of survival. For Chantal Sagna and Hervé Ghesquière (now deceased), it enabled them to overcome an ordeal. The first, who left Senegal for France at the age of 8, had to overcome the abuse inflicted by her mother. The second, a senior reporter for France Inter, suffered the one inflicted by the Taliban who held him hostage in Afghanistan with his team between December 2009 and June 2011.

Both a link with the rest of the world, a school and a refuge, the “Poste Company” helped them escape their captivity. “Everything that came on the radio became beautiful and true”, recalls Chantal, who“Listened under the sheets, glued to the ear”.

Hervé, he confided to have ” discovered the English singer Adele » thanks to the BBC that he was able to receive in the Afghan mountains thanks to short waves: “It’s a moment of intense joy and I found myself dancing like crazy on my own. “ For these two, “Long live the radio! Was more than a slogan: a word of life, a cry of hope.

“Long live the radio! “, Report by Alice Milot, directed by Peire Legras and Emily Vallat, in” Les Pieds sur terre “, program produced by Sonia Kronlund (France, 2015, 28 min), available on and all platforms of podcasts.

Still on France Culture:

  • “Do you hear the eco”: the economic model and new uses of radio, discussed around Tiphaine de Rocquigny, with Sébastien Pon, researcher in information and communication sciences, co-founder of the journal Radiomorphoses and administrator of the Broadcasting History Committee, Hervé Godechot, journalist and member of the CSA, and Charlotte Pudlowski, journalist and co-founder of the Louie Media podcast production studio.
    Available here (58 min).
  • “The radio and the wave was” in “The Scientific Method” : Nicolas Martin receives in February 2017 Thierry Lefebvre, historian of science, lecturer in information and communication sciences at the University of Paris-VII, and Alain Sibille, professor and researcher at Télécom Paris Tech, to tell the story wave technique while digital terrestrial radio (DAB +) is being deployed in France, promoted by the CSA.
    Available here (57 min).

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