“Culture series”, a large summer format on France Culture


To all those for whom the series are a little more than objects of everyday consumption, who think that they can explain the world and the time with an acuity sometimes close to the documentary – the artistic gesture in addition – “Culture series” could be the podcast of the summer. Every Saturday at 11 am (the program is then available on demand) until the end of August, the host of “La Critique”, Lucile Commeaux, takes a series and seats three guests at her table to do exegesis. The quality and diversity of the speakers – critics, academics, professionals (the sixteen episodes ofHippocrates could not be mentioned without the presence of a doctor) – and the time devoted to the discussion (not far from an hour) helps to give density to the program.

Hippocrates, whose second season has excited fans of medical series, is thus dissected in its realism, its harsh way of describing a hospital in dire straits and caregivers plunged into a situation of permanent crisis. The creator of the series, Thomas Lilti, evokes, among other things, what brings together and separates Hippocrates d’Emergency room, to which the French series is often compared.

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The second issue focuses on the British The Crown, whose rich narrative material – the reign of Elizabeth II – gives rise to particularly sharp debates on the fictionalization of historical facts and the on-screen incarnation of real people, a number of whom are still alive. The care given to the costumes and sets, the scandal as a screenwriting instrument and the timeless nature of this yet historic series are some of the topics discussed by the guests.

Ambitious company

The program also makes it possible to (re) discover lesser-known productions, the commercial success of which is often inversely proportional to the quality. This is the case of The Deuce, a three-season series created by David Simon, former journalist, to whom we owe The Wire, Treme, Show me A Hero, keen observer of the evils of America. Photograph of an era (the 1970s), a city (New York) and an environment (prostitution, the porn industry), The Deuce is also one of the first series to have incorporated the changes linked to the #metoo movement, as the guests recall.

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The company is ambitious and time is necessarily lacking, especially since the program is in its intention little editorialized: the discussion, always intelligently led by Lucile Commeaux, starts from the general to lead to the particular, but remains general enough to interest a large audience. This one could see itself rejuvenated by the emission of July 31, which will have for object the series of Disney + taken from the universe Star Wars. The Mandalorian.

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