Children’s books: three escape stories

> What do you see doudou saying then?

It’s not really a runaway, more of a forced landing. Nino, Simon’s soft toy, falls out of the stroller during a walk in the forest. He will stay there a whole night, pampered by the animals, walked on the back of a fox through the nightlife of the woods. The opportunity to change point of view: in the pages of this rectangular album unfolds, among other things, a panoramic drawing of the village where Nino and Simon live, seen from a high branch. What is “home”? How do you look at it when you live elsewhere? How do others live? A slow tempo adventure.

“Nino”, by Anne Brouillard. Les éditions des éléphants, 36 pages, 14 euros. From 3 years old.

> The garden when it rains, it kicks me!

“Here is the rain”, by Mathieu Pierloot and Maria Dek.

The statement smacks of dusty Sundays with boredom, where you drag your slippers from one room to another in the house: “Camille has read all her books, arranged her box of pencils by color and no one pays attention to her. Mom reads the newspaper while Dad folds the clean laundry. “ But, as repeat ad nauseam the development manuals of our dear toddlers overbooked with activities, boredom is good for children. Of which act: Camille discreetly jumps out of the window into her garden and… it’s raining. Nothing else. Finally, if: a column of ants, a plump hedge, a complexed sword, a chrysalis. Imagination at work, and a busy morning.

“Here is the rain”, by Mathieu Pierloot and Maria Dek. Motus, 44 pages, 15 euros. From 4 years old.

> Dive into the belly of time with Jonas

« Le Rêve de Jonas », the Marlies van der Wel.

This is called being persistent – or stubborn, it depends. A bit like Jacques Mayol in The big Blue, Jonas wants to dive into the seabed, and stay there. Beyond the graphic beauty of this work, in a gradient of greens, blues, turquoise, it is the structure that makes it original. The story departs from the classic temporality of children’s books to embrace the long time, that of a life. We thus cross the ages of the hero with the chapters (“Jonas, 2 years old”, “Jonas, 8 years old”, “Jonas, 18 years old”, and so on until 80 years old), to narrate this long-term escape. . The colors darken as Jonah’s beard whitens. No disclosures, but important information: it ends better than The big Blue.

“Le Rêve de Jonas”, by Marlies van der Wel, translated from Dutch by Rose-Marie Vassallo. Kaleidoscope, 84 pages, 14.20 euros. From 4 years old.