Conference League: Austria is embarrassed at Breidablik

Breidablik took the lead through Kristinn Steindorsson (6th) and Arni Vilhjalmsson (24th). Dominik Fitz (68th) made the next goal for the “Veilchen”. The equalization, which would at least have meant the extension, was no longer successful. For Austria, who deservedly failed, and their new coach Manfred Schmid, this meant the next serious setback after the false start in the championship.

The favorites had secured participation in the European Cup as eighth in the league in the European Cup play-off last season. While Breidablik now meets Aberdeen, Austria must strive to get into step in the Bundesliga. WSG Tirol is waiting for the first home game of the new season at the weekend.

GEPA / Johannes Friedl

In the end, the Breidablik players celebrated one of the greatest successes in the club’s history

Austria with weaknesses in all areas

The thermometer showed 20 degrees when kick-off on artificial turf in the sparsely occupied Kopavogsvöllur small stadium. But only the fourth in the Icelandic league was at operating temperature. The defensive weaknesses already evident in the first leg brought Austria a false start after just a few minutes. After a cross from the right, Steindorsson was completely free and scored by foot. The first shot on goal gave Breidablik an immediate lead.

The Icelanders, who entered with the same starting eleven as in Vienna, presented themselves as a much more solid eleven. They put Austria under pressure early on and they had an easy time of it. There was absolutely nothing to be seen of the Viennese, who were missing the battered right-back Marvin Martins. In contrast to Breidablik’s appearance, that of the guests was only piecemeal without dynamism and with few ideas. The defense wobbled a lot in several scenes.

No shot on goal in 45 minutes

The Viennese hesitantly worked out a few scenes on the offensive. Benedikt Pichler, who was called up from the start, tried it acrobatically, but shot clearly past. A minute later, Breidablik punished the guests’ appearance again. After a counter-attack through the midfield, the left alone Steindorsson dropped on goal scorer Vilhjalmsson. The Austrians were just spectators again. The game rippled on until the break. Austria did not score a shot on goal in 45 minutes.

Lukas Mühl (A.Wien) against Alexander Helgi Sigurdarson (Breidablik)

GEPA / Johannes Friedl

Newcomer Lukas Mühl was also unable to give Austria any defensive stability

Gift from Bredablik gives hope

Schmid did not change at half time. Austria attacked earlier, Aleksandar Jukic wrestled Anton Einarsson in Breidablik’s goal with a free kick (51.) from a first save. Pichler, who was now playing in the center, left out a much greater possibility, who finished too centrally from a good position (64th). When hopes slowly waned, a gift from the home side brought Austria back into play: central defender Viktor Margeirsson fitted the center far too imprecisely, Fitz benefited from the goal and ended up with an empty goal.

Substitute Alexander Grünwald almost equalized after a Fitz template, but an Icelandic foot was in between (75th). Austria then ran after a goal in vain, even if Breidablik fell back physically. After six minutes of stoppage time, the embarrassment for the violets was clear. Breidablik celebrated the greatest international success since 2013. At that time, the Icelanders had eliminated Sturm Graz in the Europa League qualification.

Voices for the game:

Manfred Schmid (Austria coach): “First and foremost, I am very disappointed with the elimination and clearly with the first half. It’s about the basics. It’s about motivation and intensity of duels. These are things that I expect to be there. We need to analyze the game and the mistakes as soon as possible, addressing things internally. You have to congratulate your opponent. The elimination was unfortunately deserved. “

Markus Suttner (Austria captain): “For the first 20 minutes we didn’t follow our match plan at all. We didn’t start playing football until the second half. Unfortunately too late. When you run after a 2-0 draw, it’s not easy, there comes the head component. For us this is disappointing. Of course, we didn’t get off to a positive start now, if we had imagined it differently. But it doesn’t help, we have another match in three days. “

Conference League, second qualifying round, second leg


Breidablik – Austria 2:1 (2:0)

Kopavogur, Kopavogsvöllur, 300 spectators, SR Mclaughlin (IRL)

Goal sequence:
1: 0 Steindorsson (6th)
2: 0 Vilhjalmsson (24.)
2:1 Fitz (68.)

Breidablik: A. Einarsson – Gunnlaugsson, Muminovic, Margeirsson, Ingvarsson – V. Einarsson, Sigurjonsson (78./Atlason), Sigurdarson (66./Yeoman) – Eyjolfsson, Steindorsson, Vilhjalmsson (88./Mikkelsen)

Austria: Pentz – Teigl, Mühl, Schoissengeyr, Suttner – Martel – Pichler (91./Keles), Fitz, Fischer, Jukic (58./Grünwald) – Djuricin

Yellow cards: Sigurdarson, V. Einarsson or Martel, Schoissengeyr, Djuricin, Fitz

The best: V. Einarsson, Steindorsson and Fitz

First leg 1-1, Breidablik 3-2 and play against Aberdeen in the third round