Charles de Vilmorin launches a unisex capsule with 24S

Translated by

Paul Kaplan

Published on

August 31, 2021

Charles de Vilmorin, the most watched young designer in the French fashion world, has designed a new unisex capsule for the online luxury retailer 24S. See you on September 9.

Charles de Vilmorin x 24S – Charles de Vilmorin x 24S

The 24-year-old prodigy, appointed creative director of the famous Parisian house Rochas last spring, will unveil on September 9 his capsule collection for 24S, LVMH’s e-commerce platform, formerly known as 24 Sèvres.

The collaboration includes just eight pieces in black or white cotton, all adorned with the pop, surreal and dark creatures and flowers that made the young designer famous. Giant hearts and slightly ghoulish faces vie for space on overshirts, t-shirts, classic pants and two scarves, designed to be worn in total look or mismatched with tight black jeans.

“The collection is unisex, simply because I want it to appeal to everyone. I reject the idea that people should be locked into terms, labels or categories like ‘female’ or ‘man’” , indicates Charles de Vilmorin in a press release.

Charles de Vilmorin x 24S – Charles de Vilmorin x 24S

Grand-nephew of the legendary French woman of letters Louise de Vilmorin, the designer exploded on the international scene with a striking and poetic video broadcast as part of “GucciFest” in November 2020, before making his Haute Couture debut on the official Paris calendar last January.

Appointed Rochas Creative Director, Charles de Vilmorin was also chosen among the 2021 LVMH Prize finalists. He will present his first collection for Rochas during Paris Fashion Week next month, and will of course be present on September 7, when the winner of the next LVMH Prize is announced.

“We look forward to presenting Charles de Vilmorin to a global audience through our platform. We have followed his journey with great interest from the start, and we are delighted to support his immense talent with this exclusive capsule, created for 24S” , assures the platform’s purchasing manager, Maud Barrionuevo.

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