Your face is familiar to me: How do you know Richard Jenkins?

In the cinema all the elements count. From the technical assistant to the extra who appears as an audience on a television set. Often times, the supporting actors who give that spark necessary for a film to take flight, or give answers to the protagonists that become memorable phrases, even play a key role in the resolution of the plot. This is the case of the veteran Richard Jenkins, undoubtedly one of the supporting actors with the longest career in Hollywood.

Richard Dale Jenkins was born on May 4, 1947, in Illinois. The son of a dentist and a housewife, according to what he has told in several interviews, his calling came after seeing Michael Caine perform in ‘Alfie’. In fact, his dedication as an actor came while studying at Wesleyan University, where he did a theater program at Indiana State College, in which Harold Guskin taught, a key moment for his future career.

A secondary who has worked with Woody Allen, George Miller, Steven Soberbergh …

His incredible talent on stage led him to triumph within the Rhode Island Trinity Repertory Company., in which he also worked as an artistic director. The cinema resisted him for many years, with roles in TV movies and B series productions, although he began to gain notoriety as a supporting character after appearing in ‘Silverado’, a western directed by Lawrence Kasdan. After that, She has worked, with supporting roles, in productions such as Woody Allen’s ‘Hannah and her Sisters’ or George Miller’s ‘The Witches of Eastwick’.

Your face is familiar to me: Richard Jenkins

1 ‘Silverado’ (1985)

His role in ‘Silverado’ is really miniscule. The film, in which actors such as Scott Glenn, Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover, Rosanna Arquette or Jeff Goldblum starred, served as an impetus for Richard Jenkins as a supporting actor. After this film he will work with Woody Allen in ‘Hannah and her sisters’, with George Miller in ‘The Witches of Eastwick’, with Kathryn Bigelow in ‘Blue Steel’ or Mike Nichols in ‘Wolf’.

The Emmett brothers, the adventurer Paden and the cowboy Johnson arrive in a town called Silverado, where they will not be welcome. In this hostile environment, Sheriff Langston and the owner of the most powerful ranch in town, McKendrick, will want to expel them from the place in the most violent way possible.

2 ‘Hannah and her sisters’ (1986)

In Woody Allen’s ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’, Richard Jenkins was one of those star supporting actors, since figures such as John Turturro, Daniel Stern or Julia Louis-Dreyfus had minor roles in the film. On the tape, Jenkins played Dr. Wilkes.

The film tells the life of three completely different sisters, daughters of a married couple of actors. Although the three are very different, that does not prevent them from having a close relationship. Hannah, the eldest, strong-willed and turned into a successful actress and exemplary mother and wife; Holly, an aspiring actress and quite unsure of herself; and Lee, bohemian, ex-alcoholic and couple a painter much older than her. The relationship of the three will be in danger when Hannah’s husband falls in love with one of her sisters.

Hannah and her sisters in eCartelera

3 ‘Something about Mary’ (1998)

After appearing in several productions in supporting roles such as ‘The Magic Key’, ‘Romance in New York’ or ‘Eddie’. Richard Jenkins participated in ‘Something About Mary’, which would be his first collaboration with the Farrelly Brothers. Although his role was minor, he gave life to a psychiatrist, served to later appear in later productions of the Farrelly, ‘Yo, yo Myself and Irene’ and ‘Carta Blanca’.

Ted Strohehmann has been in love all his life with the same girl from high school, Mary. After a ruinous date with her at the prom, years later he decides that he must find out what happened to her and ask her if he can give her another chance. However, things will not be so simple, since Mary has several suitors.

Something is wrong with Mary in eCartelera

4 ‘Two meters underground’ (2001 – 2005)

Undoubtedly, one of his most popular roles. The actor played Nathan Fisher Sr., patriarch of a family that owns a funeral service company. The first episode of the series began with his death and the consequences it causes. For five seasons, audiences got to see how Nate Fisher (Peter Krause) and David Fisher (Michael C. Hall) ran the family business.

However, Although his death begins the fiction, that did not prevent the character of Richard Jenkins from appearing through flashback scenes as well as daydreams.

5 ‘Shall We Dance? (┬┐Bailamos?)’ (2004)

Remake of the mythical Japanese movie ‘Shall We Dance?’, In this film, Richard Jenkins plays the detective who must follow John Clark (Richard Gere), a Chicago executive whose perfect, monotonous life changes after he decides to start taking dance classes secretly from his family, on orders from his wife, Beverly (Susan Sarandon).

Role that serves as a link between the marriage itself, He is also one of the friendliest characters in a remake, he did not live up to it. from the Japanese original.

6 ‘The Visitor’ (2007)

And finally a leading role arrived at his height. In ‘The Visitor’, Richard Jenkins played Walter Vale, a university professor from Connecticut who decides to return to New York and settle in his apartment in the Big Apple. His surprise will be capitalized when he finds an immigrant couple living in his apartment. This is how Walter makes contact with Tarek (Haaz Sleiman), a Syrian musician, and his girlfriend Zainab (Danai Gurira), a young Senegalese. Your surprise will be greater when the couple informs you that They are living in the apartment on a rental basis since someone posing as the owner rented the house to them.

Directed by Tom McCarthy, who later became the director of the acclaimed ‘Spotlight’, this drama about cultural differences was well received by critics, who morphed into a best actor Oscar nomination for Jenkins. A recognition for his great work and contribution to the cinema, without a doubt, and a demonstration that he is an actor with incredible talent.

The visitor at eCartelera

7 ‘Burn after reading’ (2008)

After the success of ‘The Visitor’, Richard Jenkins has chosen to continue with supporting roles but, now, it has much more relevance. The best example is that of ‘Burning after reading’, by the Coen Brothers. In the film he plays Ted Treffon, the charming manager of the Hardbodies gym where Chad (Brad Pitt) and Linda (Frances McDormand) work, the workers who have found a disk with information related to the CIA that they believe may be Useful for blackmail, when it really is the memoirs of a former CIA analyst.

One of the most acidic Coens films, wickedly funny and with an undertone in which, in the key of satire, he talks about the fragility of state secrets and how a sexual slip can lead to a crazy thriller of supposed espionage.

Burn after reading in eCartelera

8 ‘Eat, pray, love’ (2010)

In 2010, in addition to participating in the remake of ‘Let me in’, Richard Jenkins was seen in the romantic comedy “Eat, Pray, Love” starring Julia Roberts. In the film, he plays Richard, a man from Texas with whom Liz, the protagonist, befriends during her stay at a meditation center in India. An interesting role, in tune with those that the actor had been playing since the 2000s and that left several dialogues that many fans still remember.

A romantic film that once again demonstrated Julia Roberts’ ability to fill movie theaters. The audience once again surrendered to the smile of America’s bride.

Eat, pray, love in eCartelera

10 ‘Olive Kitteridge’ (2014)

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Elisabeth Strout, this miniseries directed by prestigious director Lisa Chodolenko (‘The Boys Are All Right’) chronicles the life of Olive Kitteridge (Frances McDormand), a retired math teacher whose depressive and misanthropic character makes her stay confined for a long time. She lives in Maine with her husband Henry (Richard Jenkins), a caring and kind man who works as a pharmacist in the city. They both have a son, Christopher, a somewhat troubled young man who works as a podiatrist.

Throughout the four episodes you can see the protagonist how she lived her depression, jealousy, anguish, anger with the rest of the family members. Both Jenkins and McDormand showed splendid chemistry, so much so that both managed to win the Emmy for best performance in a miniseries. Without a doubt, one more success in Richard Jenkins’ career.

11 ‘Bone Tomahawk’ (2015)

Although the tape was a box office fiasco, ‘Bone Tomahawk’ has already become a cult movie. A proposal that mixes adventure, western and horror. Richard Jenkins plays Chicory, one of Sheriff Hunt’s deputies (Kurt Russell), who will capture an outsider wanted by justice who arrives in their town, Bright Hope. However, the captive along with another of the sheriff’s deputies and Mrs. O’Dwyer, a woman who was treating the prisoner’s wounds, disappear.

Chicory will go with the sheriff and two other men (Matthew Fox and Patrick Wilson) in the search for the disappeared, that according to what a native of the area has told them, they have been kidnapped by a tribe of cannibal Indians. A film that received good reviews from critics, it won the Best Director award at the Sitges Film Festival and Jenkins was nominated for a Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Bone Tomahawk in eCartelera

12 ‘Berlin Station’ (2016 – Present)

Before appearing in ‘Kong: Skull Island’ and ‘The Shape of Water’, Richard Jenkins starred in his latest major television project: ‘Berlin Station’. Co-production between Germany and the United States, in the series he plays Steven Frost, a veteran of the Cold War who works as head of the CIA at its headquarters in Berlin. What he doesn’t know is that the team’s new analyst, Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage), has a secret mission: Find out who it is that is leaking classified data.

The series, broadcast by Epix, was released successfully and achieved the renewal for a second season, which will air at the end of 2017.

Richard Jenkins

On television he became popular in 2001 with ‘A two meters under the ground’, in which he played Nathan Fisher Sr., the late patriarch of the Fisher family and appears in several flashback scenes. After that, he has worked continuously, almost always in supporting roles. However, such has been his perseverance that many viewers recognize him. With over 100 films behind you, it’s time to stand out some of his films and television series for which the public recognizes him.