Yordi Rosado presents the night magazine “At night with Yordi Rosado”

(CNN Español) — Yordi Rosado launches a night magazine, which, unlike a late show, is characterized by having themes that will arouse the public’s interest.

“We did not want to do a traditional late show, we wanted a different proposal and a nightly magazine for adolescents and adults with sections, topics and experts under a common thread that is me and a special guest,” says Yordi Rosado.

“At night with Yordi Rosado” presented in its first broadcast the Mexican actress Martha Higareda who not only spoke about her plans as an actress, but was also part of the sequence of the different sections of the program and recalled experiences such as the one she had with the actor Keanu Reeves.

A good team with different ideas

Success in any job comes from a good team. The members of this production have known each other for years and according to Manolo Fernández, associate producer, ensures that they seek to give the audience something different with the touch that characterizes them.

“We have been working together with Unicable for 20 years in all kinds of programs such as ‘De volada por México’, ‘Plan B’ with the group OV7 or ‘Game Time’ and ‘Está Cañón’. We were looking for a program that would follow the essence of Yordi himself, but with interesting new elements “, assures Fernández.

For Yordi Rosado, having a friendship with Manolo and his team has led them to never lose respect: “We have grown up together. Although we are all friends, we are very respectful. You have to have people around who do things that you do not know in order to Let us all join in. We have very good people on the team, and we take care of our friendship before work. “


The labor force between Yordi Rosado and Manolo Fernández has been going on for more than 20 years (Photo Unicable)

How to speak the same language in Latin America?

Although the same language is spoken throughout Latin America, the idioms and localisms are different. How to speak to the entire region? Yordi Rosado assures that humor is universal: “We all share a very similar humor and we speak the same language. The internet has opened doors for us.”

“The clearest example is two, the first ‘El chavo del 8’ who is known throughout the region. The second is influencers and the internet. Today we can meet influencers from Guatemala, Panama or Costa Rica. We look for situations that occur throughout the region and that are interesting for all who see us, “adds the presenter.

For his part, Fernández believes that the sections and reports seek that any report is of interest to the entire audience: “Every five or six minutes we go to another section, report or collaborator. We have a section with children and others where data will be shown. hard and real on various social issues “.

“At night with Yordi Rosado” will feature the participation of specialists who will share information and recommendations with the audience on various topics such as: medicine, security, esotericism, gastronomy and hackers, among others.

This nightly magazine airs every Monday on Unicable for the entire region at 9:30 PM (Mexico time), confirm the schedule with your pay TV system.