X-Men actor says the MCU can’t bring anything interesting to the franchise

For a long time, the X-Men fandom has been dreaming of seeing mutants return in one of the biggest franchises of recent years: the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although the team led by Kevin Feige has not confirmed when we will see these superheroes return, many are already imagining the ideal scenarios for our beloved characters to make their stellar appearance. However, not everything is enthusiasm, and some do not have much faith in the new contributions that Disney can make to history.

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Bruce Davison (The Lords of Salem – 44%) appeared in the big first X-Men movie – 81%. In this film he played the role of Senator Robert Kelly, the antagonist of the story who is seeking to pass the “Mutant Registration Law”, which would force all people of this type to reveal their identities and special abilities. The character ends up as a guinea pig to Magneto’s (Ian McKellen) new machine, making him an unstable mutant who ultimately loses his life inside Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

While the character of Davison dies in the first X-Men movie, we see him back in X-Men 2 – 86%, where the intrepid Mystique (Rebecca Romijn) takes her identity to continue moving in the world of politics and prevent mutants from being stalked by the United States government. In a recent conversation with Inverse, the actor who gave life to this well-known villain with one of the most remembered deaths in the franchise, spoke about the recent twentieth anniversary of the film that started it all.

Davison he is not convinced that what comes next is too spectacular. The actor assured that he is not interested in what the Marvel Cinematic Universe can contribute to the X-Men franchise, since he thinks it is a mistake to simply erase everything and start over; especially having so many stories and characters to draw on thanks to the work done by Stan Lee (via Comic Book):

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I’m not really interested in what Disney does to refresh the X-Men. They are simply renaming another story. They come up with a new thought, a new idea, a new character. Stan Lee did it all the time. Go find Stan Lee in the world and see what comes to mind. And then build everything on that.

Despite the fact that Bruce Davison He is not interested in what Disney and Marvel Studios can bring to the X-Men, he is convinced that if they called him to bring Senator Kelly back to life, he would not hesitate to say yes. “I would drop dead, I would be very surprised. I’d be more than happy to do anything to do with it, but I’m certainly not holding my breath, “said the interpreter. In addition, he revealed that at some point he had contact with the Republican Party (the same as Donald Trump) and discovered that its members were fascinated with the evil character:

I spent a lot of time in Washington with the Creative Coalition campaigning for the arts, and they only sent me to Republican offices because Republicans would go crazy on Senator Kelly. It was great talking to Brownback [miembro de la actual administración de Donald Trump] and his people about, ‘Oh yeah, Senator Kelly. I can relate to this boy. ‘

Even if Davison don’t be too excited about the future of the X-Men, fans definitely don’t think so. For a long time, rumors about who will be the first mutant to debut in the MCU have flooded the network, and although there is a possibility that Eternals will show us the whereabouts of these superheroes, others assure that it will be almost at the end of Phase 4 when we get the first clues about this powerful group we all adore.

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